Foto Friday. . . Graduation and VBS

Wow, what a season this is! Kids are getting out of school for the summer, graduations are happening and VBS's are gearing up. Speaking of graduations, I had one last night. Actually my daughter (Sadie) had her graduation last night. . .graduation from preschool! It's was a fun and sad time for me. Here's my baby girl, my only child, graduating from preschool and getting ready to start school! So, I start thinking about her future teachers and how they will have an impact on her life. How they ... Continue Reading

Teaching Tips 101

Hey! I’m Candace and I am the production editor on the VBS team for all things children! I want to talk to you about helping your teachers feel comfortable preparing to teach the curriculum, especially those who have never taught before. It’s important to make sure you have the resources you need. If you are teaching a Bible study, then make sure you have the leader guide, leader pack, and Bible Study Cards in plenty of time to get familiar with each piece before it is time to teach. This will ... Continue Reading