Bible Studies for Life Brings a Christ-focus for the other 51 Weeks of the Year!

The following post was written by Bible Studies for Life: Kids team member Erika Scrimpshire. Erika attends CrossPoint Church in Nashville, TN where she is involved in various ministries. A former high school teacher, Erika has taught Bible studies to kids, students, college students, and young adults. In her spare time, she can be found sharing coffee or dinner with friends, jogging in a local park, or at a dog park with her schnauzer, Bella. I remember sitting in "Big Church" as a kid holding ... Continue Reading

Foto Friday. . . Graduation and VBS

Wow, what a season this is! Kids are getting out of school for the summer, graduations are happening and VBS's are gearing up. Speaking of graduations, I had one last night. Actually my daughter (Sadie) had her graduation last night. . .graduation from preschool! It's was a fun and sad time for me. Here's my baby girl, my only child, graduating from preschool and getting ready to start school! So, I start thinking about her future teachers and how they will have an impact on her life. How they ... Continue Reading

Helping Haiti through Vacation Bible School

Southern Baptists are mobilizing to assess disaster relief needs after the largest earthquake in more than 200 years rocked Haiti the evening of Jan. 12. The initial Southern Baptist disaster relief effort will be led by Florida Baptists, who have had ministry relationships in Haiti for more than 20 years and currently have six staff members who live and work in the country, said Jim Brown, U.S. director for Baptist Global Response (BGR), a Southern Baptist relief and development organization. ... Continue Reading