Foto Friday...AWA Planes!

If you are wondering about the profile picture, see the bottom of the post. Okay, okay, I know that I've been MIA. Sorry about that! April is traditionally a very busy month for me as I try to get all the promotional items out the door. But this April has been even crazier as a lot of us are moving offices. . .and I was one of the first one! My office is not as easy to pack up because. . .well. . .I have a lot of toys! As you can see in one of my earlier posts. But I got it all packed and ... Continue Reading

Foto Friday. . .Creativity

"Hello Margaret, it's me again. . .it's been a long time. . . . ." about a week since last Foto Friday! :D Sorry, I couldn't resist! It's been real busy here lately! We are currently working on VBS 2012 here at LifeWay (I think we are releasing the theme in about a month!) and currently having preliminary discussions on VBS 2013! Can you believe it! I get so confused at times. . .sometimes I write the wrong year on checks! While we are in brainstorming meetings, we always have some toys that ... Continue Reading