Foto Friday. . .What is it?

Okay Agents, here's your next Foto Friday assignment, "What is It?". Here's this week's close-up. Can you DISCOVER what it is? Can you DECIDE if it's a snack or a craft? Will you DEFEND your choice? Give me your best, craziest, funniest responses!       ... Continue Reading

Endless VBS Promotion, Decorating and Snack Ideas!

If there's one thing we know you're doing right now, it's looking for inspiration!  VBS is seriously just around the corner.  We're really excited about all the great sharing and conversations going on on our Facebook wall, but we know VBSers are active on Pinterest, too! We're doing our best to find what you're pinning and pin it to our board so that our followers can see what you're up to.  Be sure to check out the TONS of ideas VBSers have posted online! Tip: Don't see what you're looking ... Continue Reading

New and Improved Idea Banks

We heard you! The VBS Idea Banks are back, and they are better than ever. This is the place where you can “deposit” your ideas and “withdraw” other people’s ideas on all aspects of Vacation Bible School 2011. The Idea Banks are different than the VBS Forums—the forums are a place for discussions and conversations. Our Idea Banks provide a place for you to upload your own photos, videos, and text about any VBS topic—crafts, snacks, decorations, Bible study, missions, Worship Rally, recreation, ... Continue Reading

VBS 2010 Snack Photos

So, I didn't want Donny to have all the fun of giving you clues about the VBS 2010 theme.  By the way, I did get a picture of him in the hot dog suit, which goes along with this post since hot dogs are snacks, right? Yesterday, I got some photos of a couple of the snacks for VBS 2010 - Thought I'd let you guys take a look and see if you can guess what they are.  (Ok - if I'm honest, one of them is a real 2010 snack and one of them is just to throw you off the trail). Which one do you think is ... Continue Reading