VBS Geek of the Week

I am so excited to tell you about the VBS Geek of the Week! Our team first met Hye-Jung Yun (PJ) last year at the Nashville VBS Preview. PJ flew all the way from South Korea to get a sneak peek at the Big Apple! The team has kept in contact with PJ over the last several months and have grown to love her as one of our own, so naturally we knew she had to get the prestigious VBS Geek of the Week title. I hope you are as inspired by her love for VBS as we have been. How did you get involved in ... Continue Reading

Foto Friday. . .VBS Logos! ! !

Hi everyone! It's your fun-loving VBS graphic designer (who happens to love numbers as well. . .I know, I'm weird) and it's that time of the week. . .Foto Friday!!! Why do I bring up the, "I love numbers" thing? I'm glad you asked! As Carol has stated in her "VBS By the Numbers" post, I like to check the number of views my blog posts receive and I've realized that my "Clip Art" post has had a lot of views! I also field a lot of calls, emails, etc about people wanting the past VBS logos. So, I ... Continue Reading

First Official Geek of the Week - Debbie Muller

I am so excited that I get to introduce one of my Illinois friends as the First Official VBS Geek of the Week. Debbie Muller works for the Illinois Baptist State Association in Springfield, Illinois and is a MEGA VBS FAN. She got our team’s attention at previews with her custom designed VBS jewelry. (Check out that subway token bling on her ears! Debbie is the one on the right.) Illinois hosts one of our earliest early bird conferences and Debbie volunteers every year to get things ready… in ... Continue Reading

Speaking of Missionaries

Recently I introduced you to North American missionary Andrew Mann and Proof, featured missionaries in LifeWay's VBS 2011 missions resources. Today I want to challenge you to look at VBS missions from a different perspective. Instead of just learning about someone else God has called to be a missionary, take a moment to consider if just maybe you are the one being called. In this video you will be introduced to young adults who accepted the call to serve as short-term summer VBS Missionaries ... Continue Reading