A Brand New Colossal Coaster at Silver Dollar City!

What does it take to build a colossal coaster? At Silver Dollar City, they start with the desire to give families an all-new thrill, something they can experience together and create memories worth repeating! Their newest coaster, Outlaw Run, is making history as the world’s most daring wooden coaster. The new $10 million ride sends passengers soaring through the Ozark Mountains on a ground-breaking wood coaster that includes several firsts. Outlaw Run features the world’s first and only double ... Continue Reading

Foto Friday: Sneak Peek!

In just a few weeks, we'll be releasing the Colossal Coaster World overview video.  I can't wait for you guys to see and hear all the details about VBS 2103.  And I'm most excited about showing you how to turn YOUR church into Colossal Coaster World! I snapped a picture of a few weeks ago while we were shooting, and I've been saving it to show you!  But because I don't want to reveal EVERYTHING juuuust yet, I've cut out a couple of pieces to get your wheels turning.  Getting any ideas yet? ... Continue Reading

National Roller Coaster Day!

Did you know today is National Roller Coaster Day?!  I'll never forget buckling myself into Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America-- I was TERRIFIED!  Raging Bull is the tallest, fastest, longest roller coaster at Six Flags Great America and is the world's first hyper-twister coaster.  It was also the first roller coaster I had ever ridden. We couldn't be more excited about teaching kids that when they trust God, they can face even their biggest fears.  Colossal Coaster World VBS in 2013 is ... Continue Reading