A Colossal Coaster at Prestonwood Baptist!

katie2We are always so thrilled this time of year when pictures start showing up on our social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and in our inboxes of all the wonderful things churches are doing to promote and prepare for their VBS programs.

Last week, someone forwarded me these images of an incredible welcome space Prestonwood Baptist created for their VBS registration.  They were even kind enough to share the instructions so you can build your own coaster!



Check out that Ferris wheel to the left!  You can find Melita’s easy instructions for building your own moving Ferris wheel here. IMG_6179

You can get your own giant roller coaster background by purchasing the VBS 2013 Supersized Coaster Backdrop.  These 6′ x 3′ backdrop panels can be used like wallpaper to create a topsy-turvy coaster that will wrap around any space. Ideal for hallways and classrooms, it’s a set of three panels packaged without folds for a crease-free, easy set up. The design allows you to connect multiple sets over and over for an endless coaster scene.


We love this giant coaster they have suspended from the ceiling! Looks like it was made out of pipe insulation.  And I spy several of the VBS 2013 Inflatable Coaster Cars up there!  They make the perfect addition to any homemade coaster and also function well as a fun table-topper!


In this picture, you can see even more of the suspended roller coaster, as well as a DIY marquee “ENTER” sign.  You can find instructions for making your own lighted sign here.

If you have pictures of your VBS space, please send them to us at katie.decillo@lifeway.com or upload them to our Idea Share App.