The Big Apple in the Mule Capital of the World! Hey y’all, It was definitely a big city adventure last week! My church is located in Columbia, Tennessee—home of the Mule Day celebrations! Yep, it’s a city that celebrates its mules! (But, I’ll save those stories for another time!) We had about 140 super-neat preschoolers and I got to teach missions! From teaching them about Proof and Andrew to learning about the Zoe Church in Sao Paulo to hearing about the Fusion kids in New Orleans, it was ... Continue Reading


Is anybody else tired after completing a full week of VBS? I had 30 kindergartners in my room last week (and only 12 were from my church)! That’s enough to wear you out just thinking about it! Seriously, we had such a wonderful week! Everything went smoothly, kids were happy, teachers were happy, nobody broke any bones… what more could you ask for? This…   While telling the Bible story on the very first day, a child said matter-of-factly, “My dad says Jesus isn’t real.” It wasn’t a ... Continue Reading

VBS 2012 Preschool Bible Content

Hey y'all! We are so excited about the preschool biblical content for VBS 2012! We want kids to learn about God, His amazing power, and His great love for us! Check out Amazing Wonders Aviation for Babies–Kindergartners!   Day 1: Amazing! God Can Do Anything Bible Story: God Stopped the River Water Joshua 3:1-5,12-17; 4:1-11,16-17 Bible Verse: (Babies–2s) God made the world. Jeremiah 32:17 (3s–Kindergarten) God made the world. God can do anything! Jeremiah 32:17 Life ... Continue Reading

“In a car, Honk! Honk! In a train, Choo! Choo! In a car, in a train, in a plane. Zoom! Zoom!

Hey y’all! I’ve been listening to these words as I’m getting ready to teach at my church’s VBS in a few weeks. Our preschoolers will be singing “Everywhere I Go” each day at the Big Apple! You can find this song (and other great ones like it) on the VBS 2011 Music for Preschoolers CD and on the CDs located in the leader packs (VBS 2011 Babies–2 Leader Pack, VBS 2011 3s–Pre-K Leader Pack, and VBS 2011 Kindergarten Leader Pack). And, did you know that this preschool song has been illustrated ... Continue Reading