Foto Friday ... Snacks!

Snacks, snacks, snacks! Hmm, I wonder what I'm thinking about? lol! If you guess snacks, then you are correct, sir! I was looking through our video sections on the VBS website and I came across a snacks video. When you watch the video, keep an eye out for one of my fellow VBS co-workers, Joyce! ... Continue Reading

Foto Friday...Preview/Expo fun photos

Well the Preview/EXPO season has ended for us on the VBS team and it's time to get back  to working on VBS 2013. It has been SO fun meeting and talking with everyone! This last VBS Preview (at FBC Kissimmee) was especially fun for me because my daughter, Sadie, gave me one of her stuff animals (a stuff kangaroo named, Kanga) to take with me. So, I decided to take photos of Kanga on this trip and text them to her. She THOROUGHLY enjoyed the photos! While I was down at Kissimmee, I was able to go ... Continue Reading