Decorating Your Snack Rotation

Snacks at a volcano? That’s right. But don’t worry, this volcano won’t spew. It’s the Paricutin Volcano in Mexico, and it’s one of the natural wonders of the world. Try these decorating tips to get your lava flowing. Tip #1: The Decorating Made Easy with Clip Art CD contains clip art of church ruins that you can use to enhance your snack area. Simply use an overhead projector to trace the clip art onto insulation foam. Remember to draw out the lines on top of the plastic sheathing, then cut ... Continue Reading

Foto Friday. . .More Set Photos

Hi everyone! I'm back from the beach and it's been busy here at LifeWay! This week on Foto Friday, I've decided to show you all some more photos from our marketing video/photo shoot. As soon as I get a hold of some of the finished shots, I'll post them. :)   Here's a shot of the Parícutin volcano. If you haven't read about how Parícutin was formed, check it out! Pretty interesting! Is that Jeremy hiding behind some silhouette trees? These trees are for the Northern Lights ... Continue Reading