It's Time to Pray for VBS Down the Street and Around the World

The third Sunday of May (17th) is National Day of Prayer for VBS. The day serves as a reminder that the transformational ministry of Vacation Bible School is Kingdom work. The mission and impact of VBS is far greater than just one church, one denomination, or one country. It's a day to pause from the hurried pace of preparation to reflect on why we do VBS in the first place, and it's a time to give thanks for the results of previous Bible schools and the potential of schools to ... Continue Reading

Advice from the experts - Registration Team

The best VBS leaders are learners, and the best learners enjoy sharing with others what they have learned through trial and error. Following are words of advice that have been collected through the years from great leader-learners just like you. Streamline registration by creating packets that include a registration card, name tag, and parent information. If using an electronic registration system, keep a binder with a hard copy of the information for emergencies. You never know when the ... Continue Reading

Thursdays Are For Training - Don't Forget the Details

The countdown has started, and for many churches VBS begins in five short weeks. Once workers are enlisted it is important to make sure each one receives training that not only relieves fear and anxiety, but insures the week is a winning experience for everyone involved. A necessary aspects of training is covering the all-important details that are unique to your VBS - the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the week. While these details may seem like common sense information that every ... Continue Reading

Peanuts, Gluten, and Dairy! Oh My!

Snack Cards

Yes, it’s true that a few decades ago kids had Kool-Aid® and cookies or whatever the sweet ladies of the church made including all sorts of nut-filled goodies or homemade ice cream (with raw eggs, am I dating myself?) on the last day of VBS. For all kinds of reasons, snack life is not so simple anymore. As we minister to families and take steps to help them feel included and welcomed, taking a special look at what we offer for snacks is just another part of that total effort.   It ... Continue Reading