Foto Friday. . .Volunteers! ! !

Volunteer. What does this word mean to you? Merriam Webster defines the word as "a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service". VBS volunteers are incredible! This last year at my VBS, I witnessed so many volunteers helping out in any way possible! Youth helping in the younger classes. . . adults teaching/decorating. . .senior adults teaching, counting pennies, serving snacks (even serving snacks to the volunteers!). . .even kids helping decorate! A ... Continue Reading

Connecting Faith and Life

Meet Ana Melendez. Ana teaches VBS in lots of ways . . . as a national and state leader/trainer for our Spanish materials, and by teaching VBS on mission trips and in her own church in the Chicago area. We asked Ana to share some of her favorite stories. Read on . . . “While in Guatemala, our team went to this town called Guazacapán. Here we worked and spread the gospel with more than 350 kids. It was honestly really amazing to see over 350 kids singing along to songs from The Big Apple ... Continue Reading

VBS Kits for Kids--Connecting Kids Who Care with Kids in Need

It's mid-August and that means it's been back-to-school time for many states. That also means many families have done some back-to-school shopping! Number 2 pencils, scissors, and rulers may have been on the list! These items were also on the list of needed supplies for the VBS Kits for Kids project that many churches participated in as part of the Missions Rotation of Big Apple Adventure. The kits for kids collected during VBS have been making their way to the warehouse in Richmond, Virginia. ... Continue Reading

Make the Connection From VBS to Bible Drill

Got any Big Apple Curriculum laying around? Want to help your kids learn Bible verses in a fun way? If you answered yes to those questions then why not pull those leaders guides back out and find some ready made activites that you can adapt with any Bible verse. Oh, what's that? You already gave away your curriculum. No worries, Sue Harmon with the South Carolina Baptist Convention recently contacted us about an article on their site that connects activities from the Big Apple to use with Bible ... Continue Reading