Drum Roll Please - Impossible Clue #1

And now, the news we have all been anxiously waiting for --- LIFEWAY'S VBS 2016 THEME IS... Did you really think I was going to just tell you the theme? No way! If you want to know the theme for VBS 2016 you must work for it. And by work I mean utilize your investigative skills to unscramble four amazing  Impossible Clues. A new clue will be revealed here each day through Saturday, so don't miss a day or a clue. Finally, the biggest reveal of all - the answers to the Impossible Clues, as ... Continue Reading

More Dramatic Facts from Journey Off the Map Worship Rally Drama


VBSDramaticFact #91 The diver-cameramen kept a close eye on Julian and Cy's feet as they entered the ocean. Their wardrobe had duplicates...except for the shoes.     VBSDramaticFact #99 The cliff scene in Journey Off the Map was enhanced in editing, but still required actors and crew to face their fear of heights.   VBSDramaticFact #103 The valley location where much of the filming for Journey Off the Map was done should be familiar to TV and movie ... Continue Reading

How Well Do You Know Your VBS 2015 Dramatic Facts?


VBSDramaticFact #11 The opening scene of Journey Off the Map was filmed in the hallways of one of the oldest church-affliated schools in the state of Hawaii...and all the extras were real students.   VBSDramaticFact #25 No snails were harmed in the making of Journey Off the Map. The snail in the jar is actually a native fresh-water snail and was returned to water at the end of filming.   VBSDramaticFact #34 The Kato family home in Journey Off the Map is ... Continue Reading

It's A Perfect Day for the Playground

With VBS just days away now is a good time to visit the playground. Not to frolic and play - although that is not such a bad idea - but to ensure the equipment and grounds are in good repair. Check for the following: Fence is in good repair Gates are secure and lockable and have a safety latch Sight lines are unhampered Playground equipment is at lest six feet away from fences and building Playground equipment is anchored and stable Sharp edges are covered Bolts and screws are ... Continue Reading