2014 Theme Photo Clues Revealed + Giveaway Winner Announced!

Katie DeCilloSpecial Agent DeCillo here!  Wasn’t that a fun theme release!?

I suppose it’s about time I revealed what was going on with all those photo clues.  I know some of you thought they were super hard!  They WERE a little sneaky, that’s for sure!  But some of you caught on!

We had lots of guesses for a discovery theme…you were on our trail!


122427668This photo clue of a message in a bottle was an ode to the secret messages of Agency D3 and hinted toward Discovery!

photo clue 2Photo clue #2 is a close-up and pixelated shot of a prop from the Agency D3 set — it looks high-tech, just like the set!

photo clue 3

Photo Clue #3 was TRICKY!  Many of you were thrown off by the plug and didn’t notice the shape it makes… a question mark!  Alluding to the CLUES of Agency D3!

photo clue 4Photo Clue #4… they only got tougher!  This photo is a small portion of some artwork for Agency D3, including the secondary logo.  I chose that portion because I thought you might be thrown off by the shapes and colors.  And you were!


You’re going to LOVE the artwork for Agency D3, I can tell you that!!

photo clue 5 Photo Clue #5 was probably the hardest of all the photo clues!  It’s a snippet of another piece art that includes top-secret file boxes… and the photo clue is upside down!  Looks like a building, doesn’t it?

That was a wild ride!  Maybe next year I’ll make them a little easier?  For more info on Agency D3, check out http://lifeway.com/vbs2014

OH!  And how could I forget?  Be sure to congratulate the winner* of our VBS 2014 giveaway!  We had so many excellent guesses!

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*Winner was selected at random, and was not chosen based on their guess.

VBS 2014 Theme Release: Photo Clue #3

Katie DeCilloNo charades here, just a straightforward clue about LifeWay’s 2014 VBS Theme.  You’ve had six clues so far, so I know you must be getting close to discovering what next year’s theme will be!

If you missed the Impossible Clue from this morning, make sure you watch it.  You don’t want to miss a single thing this week.

Comment with your Day 3 guess– and of course, don’t forget to register below for your chance to win!

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photo clue 3

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VBS 2014 Theme Release: Photo Clue #2

Katie DeCilloIf you’re stumped after this morning’s Impossible Clue, don’t worry.  I shouldn’t even post this photo clue because it practically gives away the 2014 theme!  I just know you’re going to figure it out before we even make it to June 3rd.  (You’ve got an alarm set so that you don’t forget about the official reveal at 1PM CST, right?  Two alarms?  Three?  You won’t want to miss it!)

Shhh…please don’t tell Jerry I made this so easy on you!


photo clue 2And don’t forget to register your guess for your chance to win VBS 2014 for your church!

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