LifeBox Information

If your church is doing the LifeBox project as suggested in the Missions Rotation Leader Guide, here some info for you:

* To receive a discount available for this ministry project, LifeWay magazines must be obtained through a Southern Baptist Association office. Because LifeWay magazines were specifically requested by military personnel, it is recommended that a LifeBox package include at least one of the following: HomeLife, Christian Single, Stand Firm (for males), or Journey (for females).

Some Helpful hints:

  • Obtain the Flat Rate Boxes/Envelopes from United States Postal Service
  • Obtain the Customs Form (PS Form 2976-A) in sufficient quantifies
    • From: Use an individual’s name and address
    • To: Must have a specific service member’s name and address
    • Contents: Magazines, CDs, and Goodies are sufficient descriptions
    • Check the box labeled gift
    • Check the box – Treat as Abandoned
    • Estimate the Total Value
    • Date and sign the form at the post office
  • Homemade Goodies
    • Place in a sturdy zip lock bag is sufficient for most items
    • Chocolates do not travel well (March-October)
  • Substitutions
    • Specialty food items from your local area
    • Nuts and/or Sunflower seeds can replace the candies

LifeBox Missions Action Project Video

The mission action project in Boomerang Express VBS this year is called LifeBox. This project began a few years ago when a military captain contacted LifeWay Christian Resources about providing Christian magazines and devotional materials to our military personnel. Kids will have the chance to collect items to send to US soldiers during the week of VBS.

Here’s a video of a soldier who received a LifeBox:


To download this video for use in your church, go to the link below and right-click on the green arrow that says download. If you choose “Save Link As” you can save the video to your computer.

For more info on LifeBox, visit