Tired of seeing the same themes over and over again when you go to pick out summer curriculum? You know there's going to be at least one beach theme on the shelf... and probably some kind of wilderness adventure, too. Not a problem. When it comes to themes and decorations, Zip for Kids is a blank slate. That means you can theme it up anyway you want. Always wanted a dinosaur theme? Go for it. How about time traveling back to Bible times? Do it! Zip is intentionally theme-less so that you can ... Continue Reading

Zip Tip—Preschool Terms

I am back again to share another important term that everyone should know when leading Zip for Preschool. Do you remember the terms I shared last month? That's right I explained what we meant by the terms Large Group and Small Group. You may have remembered seeing a reference to the term Learn It in that tip. You may have wondered, "Learn what?" Well, today I am here to tell you what Learn It refers to. Learn It—another term for Bible Study. The teaching plans contain an Opening (the core ... Continue Reading

Zip Tip: Preschool Terms

For those of you using Zip for Preschool, you will want to familiarize yourself with a few terms. So here's a short description of what we mean when we use the terms Large Group and Small Group for preschool: Large Group—all preschoolers together to hear the Bible story. The story may be shown via video or you may tell the story in a creative way to the preschoolers. Games and activities to review the Bible story and emphasize The Point for each session are included. Small Group—groups of ... Continue Reading

Zip Tip: Planning for Preschool

Did you know that the Zip line of curriculum includes a preschool component? Do you have preschoolers that need to be engaged during the Summer, on Wednesday night, or just about any other time? Check out Zip for Preschool. It just might be the answer to all life's problems! (well, maybe not, but it will definitely be a start) Here are a few tips to get you started on the right foot. For more details be sure to check out Zip Preschool. Determine your Target Group—how many kids will you have ... Continue Reading