A Brand New Look for Babies–2s


Did you know that LifeWay VBS is the ONLY publisher that provides foundational, gospel centric, biblically sound, and developmentally appropriate resources for all ages from the youngest infant to the oldest senior adult… and everyone in between! So no matter what ages you include in VBS, we've got you covered with excellent teaching plans—not just time fillers. Today I am so excited to share with you one of the best new things about VBS 2015… a brand new, completely redesigned resource for ... Continue Reading

Zip Tip: Getting Kids' Attention

We all know that feeling when it seems like we are herding cats instead of teaching kids. Somedays the barometric pressure is just off and the kids seem to run wild. Or you wonder if you are even speaking out loud. Well, don't waste time and energy trying to get those cats', I means kids' attention. Try these handy tips for quickly restoring calm and order to the room. In a normal volume say: "If you can hear me touch your nose. If you can hear me touch your elbow." Continue with a few ... Continue Reading

First Look: Preschool Bible Story Video

Zip for Kids: Preschool mirrors the same Bible content provided for older kids. And just like Zip for Kids, the preschool component gives teachers options for ways to tell the Bible story each day. One of those options is video. There are ten Bible Story videos included in Zip for Kids: Preschool, five for the Old Testament and five for New Testament. Each video is stylistically different, giving the teacher variety and flexibility in choosing how to present the Bible story. Check out this ... Continue Reading

How Do YOU Tell a Bible Story?

The Bible content for Zip for Kids 2014 focuses on five attributes of God—God is loving, eternal, omnipresent, faithful, and trustworthy. Each attribute is illustrated through an Old Testament example and a New Testament example. Every single element of a Zip for Kids event (Bible study, worship, track times, etc.) ties back to these 10 Bible stories. So how do you want to introduce kids to these 10 amazing Bible stories? Do you want to present the Bible story during large group? Small group? ... Continue Reading