Foto Friday…The VBS App!

Hi everybody! Exciting news today! The LifeWay VBS Agency D3 App is now live in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store! iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) Google Play Here are some screenshots of the app! Let me know what you think! ... Continue Reading

Foto Friday...What is It?

Hello Agents! It's time for this week's "What is It?"! I gave you a break last week. Actually I gave myself a break to find something really good. . .because you are TOO smart and keep guessing what it is! LOL! Here we go. What is it? What do you think? Can you DISCOVER what it is? Can you DECIDE if it's a VBS craft or snack? Will you DEFEND your choice? Give me your best, craziest, funniest responses!   ... Continue Reading