VBS: God's Power at Work

“I wanna walk, I wanna talk, I wanna live in Your power. I wanna pray, I wanna stay, I wanna move in Your power.” Approximately 2.5 million kids will be singing these words this summer in Amazing Wonders Aviation™ VBS, but will they and the adults leading the songs personally understand the reality of God’s power? As VBS leaders across the Nation prepare for VBS 2012, we have an opportunity to lead kids, teens, and adults on an adventure to not only know about, but to personally encounter ... Continue Reading

First Official Geek of the Week - Debbie Muller

I am so excited that I get to introduce one of my Illinois friends as the First Official VBS Geek of the Week. Debbie Muller works for the Illinois Baptist State Association in Springfield, Illinois and is a MEGA VBS FAN. She got our team’s attention at previews with her custom designed VBS jewelry. (Check out that subway token bling on her ears! Debbie is the one on the right.) Illinois hosts one of our earliest early bird conferences and Debbie volunteers every year to get things ready… in ... Continue Reading

Making the VBS Connection

Last Tuesday I wrote about the five essentials of VBS follow-up: 1. Start with a plan; 2. Put someone in charge; 3. Know your audience; 4. Use a variety of methods; and 5. Be creative. The ultimate goal of each of these essential elements is to help you and your church make connections with the people you want to attend your VBS. Here are five essential (again with the word "essential") ways to connect: 1. Make COMMUNITY connections. Since I know the purpose of my church, where it is located, ... Continue Reading

Make a BIG impact after VBS

VBS season isn't even in full gear and I'm already wondering what my church is planning to do for follow-up. Right now, we're working on recruiting leaders—so this a great time to enlist a person to be in charge of our follow-up efforts. I was searching around for some helpful tips, and found this awesome article by Polly House that is full of practical VBS follow-up advice. I want to share it with you. VBS Shouldn’t End on Friday Written by Polly House Year after year, churches indicate ... Continue Reading