Decorating Bible Study at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a series of massive waterfalls and is one of the natural wonders of the world. It can look really great in your church! Find step-by-step instructions in the Decorating Made Easy book on how to make your own version that looks like this.

Bible Study at Victoria Falls

It’s easy!

Tip #1: Everything is built out of two-inch Styrofoam®, available at your local hardware store. A jigsaw or hacksaw will make cutting the foam easier, but you can use a utility knife if the blade is long enough.

Tip #2: Make rocks: Cut Styrofoam into shaped pieces, rough up the edges, and glue the pieces together. A heat gun isn’t necessary, but it makes a really nice rough edge, and it’s fun to use. Top the foam with brown paint.

Tip #3: Hold it all together with bamboo skewers, PVC pipe, and duct tape. That’s right! No hammer or nails required.

Tip #4: Create the waterfalls by draping bed sheets over PVC pipe.

You can also view a clip we did with Melita where she gives us a closer look at how this fun environment was created.

I hope this inspires you with ideas and helps you to see how easy it can be to create a fun Bible study environment. Kids are going to be excited to learn about the God’s Word—right in the middle of Victoria Falls!

View the “Amazing Decorating Tips with Melita” for even more details on how we created this fun environment.


Coordinates for Victoria Falls— 17˚ 55’28″S 25˚51’24″E

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