Prayer requests for Australia

From our friends at the International Mission Board:


Australia’s state of Victoria experienced a series of intense bushfires in February 2009, resulting in the nation’s highest ever loss of life from a bushfire. The fires killed at least 210 people and over 500 others were injured. These fires destroyed over 2,000 homes and damaged thousands more. Several towns were severely damaged and some, such as Kinglake and Marysville, were almost completely destroyed. Many have called this the worst natural disaster in Australia’s history.

Prayer Requests….

- Pray that in this time of devastation that people will cry out to the Lord and honor Him with their lives.

- Australians gave much time and money to aid the victims of the recent bushfires. Pray that these generous efforts will help our nation to re-discover the One who is our source of life and hope.

- Pray for those who will be rebuilding, that they will build a strong foundation in the Lord. Pray that those who do not know Him will discover him in this time of grief.

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Jeff's Testimony

While we were at the VBS Preview events, Jeff Slaughter shared a story about filming the “Because” music video in Israel that was very moving. I made a video of it for you guys to enjoy – you’ll have to forgive my bad camera skills!!


If you are interested in seeing the video he is referring to, it’s on the VBS 2009 Worship Rally DVD, and is also available for preview and download on

Heading east on Tuesday . . .

Well, we have a crew headed east from Nashville on Tuesday to be at Ridgecrest for the VBS Institute and VBS Preview Event. There’s a whole truckful of stuff already making its way there, and we’ll be working hard to get it set up and organized for when the first crew of people get there on Thursday! I’m really looking forward to Friday night, when we will have over 1,400 people there! I plan on posting lots of pics (some on the blog, but more on our facebook page), maybe some video, and hopefully and interview with Jeff Slaughter!

I’m a little disappointed because it looks like it might rain while we are there – but I know the rain won’t stop the fun. If you are going to the preview, let me know by commenting on this post! Can’t wait to see you there!

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