Prayer requests for Australia

From our friends at the International Mission Board: Information.... Australia's state of Victoria experienced a series of intense bushfires in February 2009, resulting in the nation's highest ever loss of life from a bushfire. The fires killed at least 210 people and over 500 others were injured. These fires destroyed over 2,000 homes and damaged thousands more. Several towns were severely damaged and some, such as Kinglake and Marysville, were almost completely destroyed. Many have called ... Continue Reading

Prayer for Australia

Each week the VBS team meets to make sure we are on track with our work and with the mission God has given us. Each meeting begins with a time of prayer for each other, friends, churches, and for folks who are doing God’s work around the world. This past week we felt an extra burden for the people of Australia, especially those affected by the wildfires. As our VBS 2009 theme is releasing, many folks are focusing on Australia. Australia has often been a suggested theme throughout the years, but ... Continue Reading