Big Apple Adventure Theme-related Promotion Ideas

The past two Tuesdays I have written about the importance of making connections - especially with the people you want to attend your VBS. Here are three ideas that not only allows you to have some theme-related fun but provides an opportunity for you and your VBS leaders to begin making those important community connections. Super Dog Pet Rally - Host a community-wide pet fair and VBS registration event. Award inexpensive prizes for the best costume, best tricks, most unusual, etc. Show "A Man, ... Continue Reading

Foto Friday-Proof

Hi everyone! It’s Keith again! I hope you all are enjoying the blog. This week’s Foto Friday has a familiar face to it, Proof. Thank you Andy for sharing a day in the life of Proof this week. We were privileged to meet Proof at the VBS Preview events and had a fun time loving on him. Here are some candid photos of Proof with several members of the VBS team! Becky, Andy, & Proof   Andy, Proof, & some friends (who seem to have the same hat on!)   Melita & ... Continue Reading

Proof God Exists*

Proof’s day is about to draw to a close. If you are confused right now, you might want to check out the blog entries for March 14th and March 15th. Be sure to look out for Proof in the Big Apple Adventure this summer. Not only will students learn about her in the VBS children's mission’s curriculum, but preschool and kindergarteners will learn about Proof as well in their missions rotation. Proof’s day draws to a close . . . As the day draws to a close, the kids pack up their bags, but one ... Continue Reading

Missions Has Gone to the Dogs

Today continues Part 2 of “A Day in the Life of Proof.”  She’s the first-ever missionary dog. Read yesterday’s blog entry to catch up or visit Graffiti 2’s Web site at Also don’t forget to check out the Proof apparel that is available to order by clicking on the following link. Proof Order Form Proof God Exists* Proof’s day continues . . . Proof gallops in, fiercely gyrating her whole body, greeting all of her coworkers who arrived before her. As her coworkers prepare ... Continue Reading