National Thrift Store Day Agency D3 Challenge!

Courtney Baker - LifeWay VBSTomorrow, Saturday, August 17 is National Thrift Store Day! Of course I’m sure you all already had that marked on your calendars. To celebrate, we thought we would have a little fun and give away a VBS 2014 Starter Kit of your choice.

If you’ve checked out our theme release video for Agency D3, you know that we used a lot of thrift store items in our decorating. We went around to our local thrift stores and bought all the interesting shapes we could find. Almost anything combined with a few other items can be spray painted to look like high tech decorating items.

Here’s how one of our items started:

Gadget Before

So here’s our celebratory challenge:

- Collect random items from your local thrift store
- Combine them to create one awesome Agency D3 gadget
- Upload a photo of your gadget on our Facebook page or email your photo to me at
- Post by Friday, August 23, and we will randomly pick a winner.  To see Terms & Conditions, click here.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but we will pick the winner randomly, so don’t be intimidated to post! Plus, who doesn’t love getting inspiration for VBS?  To see a few other gadgets we created from thrift store items, click here.

2014 SNEAK PEEK: Agency D3 Sets

Katie DeCilloWe’re cranking out next year’s VBS even earlier than ever before. We’ve been listening to YOU– our customers– and know that you want as much time as possible to begin planning and working on VBS.

Even though you’re still working on VBS 2013, we want to give you a chance to think ahead.  As you brainstorm VBS 2014, consider resources and props you may be able to save to transform them into something for your Agency headquarters.

Notice the corrugated table in the first shot?  You might recognize it from our 2013 Cotton Candy Cafe set!  Many of the “high tech” gadgets you see were created from things we found at thrift shops!

LifeWay's Agency D3 VBS Set

LifeWay's Agency D3 VBS

LifeWay's Agency D3 VBS Set

This week, we’re shooting photos and video for our VBS 2014 catalog and promo videos.  If you’re already excited about Agency D3, stay tuned for more sneak peeks!