Meet the Actor: Tizoc Fleishour

This is the final installment of "Meet the Actor," where the cast members of the Worship Rally DVD are featured. If Tizoc were sitting here beside me, I feel certain he would say, "You saved the best for last." He has a great sense of humor, and I loved bantering back and forth with him. (I, of course, would have to say to him that I liked all the actors equally. Then he would probably tell me he was certain that couldn't be true!) Like his fellow cast mates, Tizoc arrived prepared to work each ... Continue Reading

Meet the Actress: Ariana York

I'll never forget when I called Ariana's home to tell her she had been selected to play a part in the VBS 2012 video! She was so sweet, and so excited about taking on the role! Right away, I could hardly wait to meet her face to face! She arrived at our rehearsal with the same eagerness she had when we had talked on the phone weeks earlier. I knew immediately that she and I would be friends. Driving back and forth from the location to lunch each day provided us opportunity to get to know each ... Continue Reading

Meet the Actor: Chance Bridgman

"Look at his eyes.” That’s what Bill, the video director, said as we watched the audition tapes. That’s one thing about Chance that stands out. He has great expression in his face; a trait that’s valuable to a director and a producer. I think you’ll notice it, too, as you watch the Amazing Wonders Aviation Worship Rally DVD. As you’ll discover in Chance’s Q&A below, he already is a real professional. And it showed, as he arrived on set prepared every day. Though a video shoot is always hard ... Continue Reading

Meet the Actor: Dillon Waidyatilleka

“Why’d ya tell her that?” That’s how I learned to say Dillon’s last name—Waidyatilleka. It’s pronounced with the same cadence with which I’d state that question! We thought it would be fun to introduce you to the terrific cast from the Amazing Wonders Aviation Worship Rally DVD. So, I'll be writing a feature on each of them every few days. Dillon plays the central character in this year's video. He had lots of physical action to perform (such as open-ocean swimming for yards and yards). ... Continue Reading