Agency D3: Takin' It Home

wooley1 2013I am totally pumped to be introducing the newest resource to the LifeWay’s VBS family – Takin’ It Home CD.

Takin’ It Home extends the VBS experience and fun to the ride home! Kids, parents, and everyone in the car gets involved in not only reviewing the activities of the day but talking to and sharing with each other. Plus as the week progresses parents are introduced to how they too can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We believe this resource is so important and transformational that we are giving it to you for free! Yep, you read it correctly. FREE!

One copy of Takin’ It Home will be in the Jump Start Kit being released in October (more about this in the next post) as well as online for free download. We want you to take this free resource and make as many copies as you want, or at least one copy for family. Distribute Takin’ It Home as kids are leaving the first day and encourage them and their parents to listen to the daily segments on their way home.

For kids, Takin’ It Home not only serves as a review of the day, but takes them deeper into the Bible study through personal application and family discussion. For parents, Takin’ It Home not only gives them an inside view of what their kids experienced at VBS, but makes the study personal for them as well. Not only will parents learn about the daily Bible content of VBS, they will be introduced to the Gospel and encouraged to begin their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Takin’ It Home is designed to start conversations, and the conversation begins with what the kids learned during a session of VBS.

We actually have four churches piloting Takin’ It Home with Colossal Coaster World, and will be telling you more about this life-changing resource soon.

By the way, for churches that might not have the ability to reproduce the CD, they will be available in five packs for a minimal price. Also, for churches wishing to have the CD customized we can do that too. Watch for more information when the VBS 2014 catalog is shipped your way in October.

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VBS 2014 Theme Release: Photo Clue #3

Katie DeCilloNo charades here, just a straightforward clue about LifeWay’s 2014 VBS Theme.  You’ve had six clues so far, so I know you must be getting close to discovering what next year’s theme will be!

If you missed the Impossible Clue from this morning, make sure you watch it.  You don’t want to miss a single thing this week.

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photo clue 3

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