5 Essentials of VBS Preparation

I was recently asked how far in advance churches begin preparing for VBS. My answer: "From days to years in advance." There are VBS leaders who begin planning the next year before the current VBS has even begun. On the other end of the spectrum are VBS leaders (quiet often enlisted at the last minute) who begin preparations with just a few weeks or even days to go. I can speak from experience about both. I have been the guy who enjoyed the luxury of time, as well as the guy who had two ... Continue Reading

Advice from the Experts: Taking Your VBS to the Next Level

The best VBS leaders are learners, and the best learners enjoy sharing with others what they have learned through trial and error. Today's advice comes from Jori Abbott and Lynne Luther, co-directors, First Baptist Church, Hendersonville, Tennessee. Start planning early – December/January for a summer VBS. Set important dates and deadlines, confirm your budget, recruit workers, and pray! Cultivate relationships throughout the year with community programs that cater to children – day care ... Continue Reading

There is Still Time to Train Your Workers for VBS 2015


Some of you have completed VBS 2015, while others of you are in the thick of it this week. But, there are many of you who are still preparing for VBS in the weeks ahead. Hate to admit it, but due to a last-minute scheduling change I'm still in the process of enlisting workers for a VBS that starts this Sunday. Yikes! I'm sure none of you are in the same boat. Right? Actually, it is only in an extremely perfect world that all workers are enlisted far in advance and available to participate ... Continue Reading

Thursdays Are For Training - Don't Forget the Details

The countdown has started, and for many churches VBS begins in five short weeks. Once workers are enlisted it is important to make sure each one receives training that not only relieves fear and anxiety, but insures the week is a winning experience for everyone involved. A necessary aspects of training is covering the all-important details that are unique to your VBS - the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the week. While these details may seem like common sense information that every ... Continue Reading