Why Do You Choose the Week for VBS You Choose?

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For many years we have assumed that the biggest week of VBS is the first full week of June. I have referred to it more than once in this blog and during training sessions. So many indicators have given validity to my assumptions that I have easily convinced others that more churches conduct VBS the first week of June than any other week. However, data gleamed from Church VBS Reports tells a very different story. I was recently surprised to learn that the single largest week of VBS - at least ... Continue Reading

Advice From the Experts - Working With Adults During VBS

The best VBS leaders are learners, and the best learners enjoy sharing with others what they have learned through trial and error. Today's advice comes from Arizona's own Lorie Honeycutt who serves as a national conference leader and promoter of Adult VBS. Lorie is a popular writer of Adult VBS resources including LifeWay's VBS 2015 and 2016 resources. Plan early, often and not alone. The more adults involved in the planning process, the better! Look at everything on the Adult VBS ... Continue Reading

Take Time to Tell Your VBS Story

We spend weeks, if not months, pleading with the congregation to volunteer, to donate craft supplies and snacks, and to invite neighbors and friends. We put announcements in the bulletin and newsletter, cajole from the pulpit, and decorate the walls with posters. We perform skits, project videos, and hold pre-event enlistment and registration events. All this - and much more - for the sake of educating the congregation about our upcoming Vacation Bible Schools. But once VBS is over how well ... Continue Reading

What Happens After VBS Is More Important Than What Happens Before

We spends weeks, months, and sometimes years preparing for VBS, yet tend to give little attention at all to what happens afterwards. As the last session of VBS concludes we take a deep breath and congratulate ourselves on a job well done, when in reality some of the most important tasks, including the following six, are ahead. 1. Make sure every child, teen, and adult who made a profession of faith, indicated they would like to talk to someone, or made other decisions is adequately counseled ... Continue Reading