More Frequently Asked Questions About LifeWay's VBS

Last Tuesday I shared answers to several Frequently Asked Questions About LifeWay's VBS. Here's a few more. Is it legal to duplicate the Takin' It Home CD? (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE TAKIN' IT HOME MUSIC FOR KIDS/PRESCHOOLERS CD WHICH SHOULD NOT BE DUPLICATED) ANS: Definitely! In fact, we created the CD with the expectation that churches would duplicate one copy for each family attending VBS. The copy found in the Jump Start Kit is designed to be duplicated. Free downloadable files for the ... Continue Reading


Every leader approaches VBS in his own unique fashion. While Bob plans a year or more in advance, Melvin jumps in a few weeks before the big week and pulls it all together in a blur of frantic activity. Most of us, like Sam, fall somewhere in between these two extremes and begin planning about four to six months in advance. Whether you’re an Early Bird Bob, Last Minute Melvin, or Sure and Steady Sam, there is a multitude of actions that need your attention before kids gather for the first day ... Continue Reading

From the Archives: Moving VBS Participants to Sunday School

  Sadly far too many churches fail to make follow-up a VBS priority and therefore never see the true benefits of their efforts. They invite the unchurched to VBS but they just don’t know what to do with them afterwards. Follow-up doesn’t happen automatically. The most effect way to capitalize on this yearly harvest of unchurched prospects is to move them from VBS to an ongoing Bible study ministry – Sunday School. How can we move unchurched VBS participants to Sunday School? Here’s ... Continue Reading

Frequently Asked Questions About LifeWay's VBS

  LifeWay's VBS team receives thousands of questions each year through phone calls, letters, e-mail, this blog, and the "contact us section" of Here are a few of the most popular. Where can I get VBS training?   ANS: There is a wealth of training opportunities - both live and online - for LifeWay's VBS. Preview events are held in North Carolina, Texas, and Tennessee each January. Learn more by going to and click on the "Events" tab at the top. There ... Continue Reading