Colossal Crafts Tips

I recently received these awesome craft tips from one of our dedicated VBS craft leaders, Mary Elizabeth Castles.  I love how the VBS community helps each other out and passes along ideas that may save someone else time and money! If you haven't already conducted your VBS, check out these Colossal Tips. Tip #1 for the Basket Toss on Day 2 Use applesauce cups instead of water bottles that are cut off. The applesauce cups work fine, fit on the stick, and if you can get people to eat the flavored ... Continue Reading

A Pastor's Thoughts on VBS 2013

The following post was written by Steven Ruff.  Steven is the Senior Pastor of Port Royal Baptist Church in Port Royal, SC. He is huge fan of VBS and is a member of the South Carolina Baptist Convention VBS team. Steven has been in his current position since August of 2009. Colossal Coaster World Vacation Bible School has pulled into the station for the final time this year at Port Royal Baptist Church. The screams and shouts of kids running through down the hallways are a distant memory. ... Continue Reading

Reunion Time!

By now more than half of all Bible schools for 2013 are over, which means the real work of VBS is just beginning - Continued Connections. Follow-up has long been a term to describe the actions a church takes after VBS to stay connected with unchurched families who participated during the week of VBS. For many churches follow-up, if done at all, has become little more than a post card. That's why we are changing the term to Continued Connections. Follow-up is more than one contact or one ... Continue Reading

Happy Birthday from Your Friends at VBS

Thousands of churches concluded VBS 2013 over the weekend, and for thousands more this is day two. Approximately half of all schools will be conducted during the first three weeks of June. This news tempts many leaders to believe the work of VBS is over for another year, but in reality, just as VBS ends the real work begins! Now is time to make continued connections a priority - not only for the next few weeks but for the rest of the year. When an unchurched family filed out a VBS ... Continue Reading