The Blessing Known as Tommy Keown

Picture this: As the event coordinator, the hectic pace of the first day of VBS Preview begins at 7:00 a.m. The day is non-stop. Even meals are eaten standing. It is now approaching 9:00 p.m. You have been on your feet the entire time making sure no detail has been left unattended. You are ready to head to the hotel for a much-deserved rest, but people visiting the VBS EXPO are still going full steam and you can't leave until the last light is turned out. Evidently there is nothing left to do ... Continue Reading

VBS – Is It Worth It?

When you plan for months and then pour your heart and soul into a week’s worth of VBS, you’ve might sometimes ask yourself, Is it worth the effort? Well, I attend Lakewood Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and my church’s VBS was held this year from July 16-20. I was assigned to work with 5 year olds, so I started out on Monday morning with 9 well-behaved students. But because there was an abundance of 4 year olds, my class was quickly adjusted. Five of my 5 year olds were “promoted” to ... Continue Reading

VBS Follow-up

After a great week of VBS, most leaders are tired and exhausted and think they are done! But wait, there's one more thing to do. You guessed it! It's time to follow up with all the kids who came to VBS. It's important to make contact with those who made a decision or those who were visiting and do not have a church home. In the Administrative Guide for Directors, there's a great chapter on follow-up. Follow-up does not have to be hard or intimidating for those who don't feel comfortable talking ... Continue Reading

VBS 2014

VBS 2014? Yes, you read that right. This week is a big week for the VBS team here at LifeWay. It is time for us to start planning for VBS 2014. The VBS team along with guests from outside of LifeWay will start the process to determine the 2014 VBS theme. While we can't tell you much at this point, we do ask for your prayers. We know that putting God first is the only way to begin this process. We ask for His guidance in every decision we make. We thank you for your prayers as the planning begins ... Continue Reading