Zip Tracks for I Am

Zip for Kids™: I Am. . . has launched and just like the first volume God Is. . . this volume contains some awesome tracks to engage kids of all ages. Sure you'll still see some of your favorites like Kitchen Concoctions with new recipes and debriefs to each sessions' biblical content, but check out these awesome new additions: Play It—Volleyball and Baseball Create It—Photography Perform It—Praise Band and Ballet Live It—new activities and service projects Of course we still have ... Continue Reading

Peanuts, Gluten, and Dairy! Oh My!

Snack Cards

Yes, it’s true that a few decades ago kids had Kool-Aid® and cookies or whatever the sweet ladies of the church made including all sorts of nut-filled goodies or homemade ice cream (with raw eggs, am I dating myself?) on the last day of VBS. For all kinds of reasons, snack life is not so simple anymore. As we minister to families and take steps to help them feel included and welcomed, taking a special look at what we offer for snacks is just another part of that total effort.   It ... Continue Reading

Where is the Clip Art?

Logo 4c master

We always want our stuff to look good, so it's important to know where to find the cool clip art! There are actually a couple of places to find clip art for VBS 2015. The first place is on the VBS website. Click here and it will take you to the free clip art that is available. There is also clip art located on the CD in the Decorating Made Easy book. Both are filled with great images to enhance the look of your VBS! Enjoy! ... Continue Reading

How I Fell in Love with Backyard Kids Club

Do you ever just laugh at how God works things out? Two years ago I moved to Nashville, started work on the VBS team, and started looking for a local church to attend. In my work, there was a need for someone to oversee the putting together of all the resources that feed into our Backyard Kids Club curriculum, because they come from so many different resources and arms of VBS. I started doing that job for the time being. Not to mention that it wasn't long at all after I started working ... Continue Reading