Advice From the Experts - Working with Preschoolers in VBS

The best VBS leaders are learners, and the best learners enjoy sharing with others what they have learned through trial and error. Today's advice comes from Arizona's own Kelli McAnally who writes and trains extensively for LifeWay's VBS resources. Start simple. Whether teaching a Bible phrase or motions to a song, start with the basics and build on it throughout the week. Follow a routine. Preschoolers like to know what is coming up next. Make a visual schedule for them to follow ... Continue Reading

Equip Parents to Continue the Lessons of VBS at Home

Before we know it VBS has come and gone. Our opportunity to share the Gospel and make a lasting impact is temporary and fleeting. In the perfect scenario we have had the attention of a kid for 15 hours - ( 3 hours a day for 5 days) - and have used every moment to teach and reinforce Scripture. But you and I know VBS is rarely a perfect world. Even when we use every element (worship rally, Bible study, music, crafts, recreation, snacks, and even transition time as kids are rotating from one ... Continue Reading

There is Still Time to Train Your Workers for VBS 2015


Some of you have completed VBS 2015, while others of you are in the thick of it this week. But, there are many of you who are still preparing for VBS in the weeks ahead. Hate to admit it, but due to a last-minute scheduling change I'm still in the process of enlisting workers for a VBS that starts this Sunday. Yikes! I'm sure none of you are in the same boat. Right? Actually, it is only in an extremely perfect world that all workers are enlisted far in advance and available to participate ... Continue Reading

A Quick Look at VBS 2016 Rotation Sites


  The Helm (Worship Rally) Observation Station (Bible Study) Deep Sea Rotations Deep Sea Missions Deep Sea Crafts Deep Sea Recreation Dee Sea Music Deep Sea Snacks   Click here to learn more about Submerged: Finding Truth Below the Surface Click here to check out FREE last-minute training for your preschool and kids VBS leaders. We also have FREE Journey Off the Map specific training available by clicking here. ... Continue Reading

VBS 2016 Biblical Content Takes Us Below the Surface to the person only Jesus sees


As kids of all ages submerge into God's Word, they will discover that a person's outer appearance that is seen by the world can be very different from the inner person seen by Jesus. In a day when kids, teens, and adults are bombarded with the message that image is everything - it doesn't matter what is on the inside as long as the outside is picture perfect - we are a society in desperate need of knowing and accepting that it is the inner person that is most important. Each Submerged Bible ... Continue Reading

Introducing LifeWay's VBS 2016: Submerged

Master 4c logo-01

FINDING TRUTH BELOW THE SURFACE Prepare to embark on an adventure like no other, scouring the mysterious fathoms of the deep sea. Thrilling discoveries await just beyond the portholes of your submarine. Things look very different once you get below the surface - and that's true for life above the surface, too. As kids submerge themselves in God's Word, they will discover that Jesus saw people differently. He didn't just see what's on the outside; He saw who people were down deep. As kids ... Continue Reading

We are perplexed, but not in despair - VBS 2016 Impossible Clues

LifeWay's VBS team has had great fun playing VBS 2016 Impossible Clues. We hope you have as well. Given the number and intensity of guesses, I pretty sure you have. You have guessed the extreme, the obvious, the outrageous, and a few have even been very close to the actual theme at times. Your guesses have included Hospital/Medical, Time Travel, New Mexico, Texas, Texas, Texas, TEXAS, Cowboy/Western, Yellowstone National Park, Trip Across America, Ocean/Sea, Robots, Creation, ... Continue Reading

Deep In the Heart of Texas - Impossible Clue #4

When you start thinking Texas you are pulling the strings of my heart. I cannot imagine a better theme. Of course, I'm sure there are a few of you who might disagree - especially those of my friends who live north of the Red River (you know who you are) - but then you would just be wrong. By the way, the heart of Texas is Austin. And our very own Jana Magruder, Director of LifeWay Kids, moved to Nashville from Austin. Landry Holmes, the Director of LifeWay Kids Publishing, moved to Nashville ... Continue Reading

The TRUTH of the Matter Is... - Impossible Clue #3

Three cheers to Ben Rose (and others of you) who worked out the crossword puzzle in Clue #2 and discovered each line refers to a previous VBS theme, and letters in the blue boxes spell TRUTH. It now seems obvious that TRUTH definitely has something to do with the theme, but how? Is it part of the title? The subtitle? The Biblical content? The primary Scripture verse? Or, like major clues in previous theme reveals, is merely there to distract you from the real clue? Remember, in Impossible ... Continue Reading

Is There a Doctor in the House? - Impossible Clue #2

One picture of a beating heart and you guys are all over it. Way too easy. And I thought Clue #1 was impossible? LifeWay's VBS team will need to dig a little deeper if we think we can fool the readers of this blog. You really know how to jump to the heart of the matter. (Possible pun intended.) Of course, maybe we have dug a little deeper and the clue is more impossible than it may seem at first glance. Impossible Clue #2 is sure to shed a little more light on the subject and take you to a ... Continue Reading