6 Steps to Jump Start Planning for VBS 2015

With Thanksgiving just days away can it be true that VBS 2015 is just around the corner? Without a doubt, and it's not too early to jump start planning for one of the most heart transforming, kingdom expanding, and culture shaping weeks of the year. Ready to jump in with both feet? Here are six quick and easy steps that come spring, you will be very thankful you took care of now. Purchase your Journey Off the Map Jump Start Kit. Meet with pastor to evaluate VBS 2014 and create ... Continue Reading

Share Your Takin' It Home Stories

VBS is great for the kids, but what about the parents? If you have read this blog for any length of time you know I am a great proponent of providing VBS for the entire family by including Student and Adult VBS. But what about the parents who are unable or just won't attend? How can we connect with them? The Takin' It Home CD, first introduced as part of the VBS 2014 resources, and is designed to connect parents to the daily activities and Biblical content of VBS. Each family is given a copy ... Continue Reading

VBS Music Resources


We love all things VBS, but today we are going to focus on the VBS Music Resources. We want to make sure that everyone understands what products you need.     The VBS 2015 Music Rotation Leader Guide  is used during the Music Rotation time of VBS. It contains the printed lyrics, choreography, and lead sheets. It also has a DVD that is full of helpful tools. On the DVD, you will find Instruction Segments where the leader is being taught the choreography with and without music. ... Continue Reading

6 Reasons To Enlist Key Leadership Now

It's 6:00 AM November 13, 21 degrees outside, and the holiday season is about to get crazy. Why should I be concerned about VBS 2015 today? Even more to the point, why worry about enlisting workers until a few months before VBS? Here are my top six reasons for enlisting key leaders such as age-group directors/coordinators before the holidays: You have a team to join you in prayer. It's never too early to begin praying for the hearts that will be transformed during VBS 2015, and it is ... Continue Reading

Journey Off the Map is Showing Up Everywhere


The very best part of my job as LifeWay's VBS Ministry Specialist is traveling to training events throughout the U.S. The past few weeks have found me in Tennessee, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, and Alabama. Each location results in a reunion of old friends and the beginning of many new friendships. I have always known that the most creative people in the church are VBS people, and the interpretations of Journey Off the Map have not been a disappointment. Check out these decorations and ... Continue Reading

What's New in Journey Off the Map: Part 2

As I wrote in a previous post, Journey Off the Map resources are possibly the best LifeWay's VBS team has ever produced. Take a look at these new and improved resources for VBS 2015. BLANK MAP MARKERS – In addition to the Map Markers inside every Preschool and Kids Field Kit, kids can make their own unique Map Markers for games or to trade. The CLOTH DRAWSTRING BAG is perfect for collecting and storing Map Markers. Bag and Blank Map Markers can also be used as an optional craft. EXPEDITION ... Continue Reading

Zip for Kids Preschool!

Whether you’re looking for resources for day camp, mother’s day out, a mission trip or an alternative to VBS, ZIP has you covered! And not only for elementary kids, we’ve got what you need for your 3s through Kindergartners as well. With five Old Testament stories about Moses and five New Testament stories about the Followers of Jesus, preschoolers will hear about how God loves and has a plan for everyone. Whether you’re a master storyteller or you want a little help, ZIP offers a variety of ... Continue Reading

What's New in Journey Off the Map

I'm proud to work with a team that never settles for good enough. The team is constantly listening to church leaders, asking questions, evaluating, tweaking, creating, and striving to make VBS resources that are Biblically trustworthy, evangelistically focused, age appropriate, and user friendly. Journey Off the Map resources are quiet possibly the best yet. Here are just a few of the new and improved resources you will find for VBS 2015 Journey Off the Map. EXPLORER BIBLE –  Genesis to ... Continue Reading

Journey Off the Map for Preschoolers and Kindergartners

VBS 2015 includes several Bible stories that are familiar to many preschoolers and preschool teachers. There are also two Bible stories which are being used for the first time in VBS with preschoolers. But before you shake your head and think "they've lost their minds," take a second look at these two Bible stories. As you’ll see in the summaries below, we’ve taken care to tell both Bible stories in such a way that the focus remains on the power of God to protect rather than the scary details of ... Continue Reading

Still Time to Beat the Deadline


While it is still a couple of months before VBS Preview, the early bird rate expires November 1 so today is the day to register! For more information or to register go to Lifeway.com/VBS/events. We can't wait to see you at VBS Preview and start our Journey Off the Map! ... Continue Reading