Deep In the Heart of Texas - Impossible Clue #4

When you start thinking Texas you are pulling the strings of my heart. I cannot imagine a better theme. Of course, I'm sure there are a few of you who might disagree - especially those of my friends who live north of the Red River (you know who you are) - but then you would just be wrong. By the way, the heart of Texas is Austin. And our very own Jana Magruder, Director of LifeWay Kids, moved to Nashville from Austin. Landry Holmes, the Director of LifeWay Kids Publishing, moved to Nashville ... Continue Reading

The TRUTH of the Matter Is... - Impossible Clue #3

Three cheers to Ben Rose (and others of you) who worked out the crossword puzzle in Clue #2 and discovered each line refers to a previous VBS theme, and letters in the blue boxes spell TRUTH. It now seems obvious that TRUTH definitely has something to do with the theme, but how? Is it part of the title? The subtitle? The Biblical content? The primary Scripture verse? Or, like major clues in previous theme reveals, is merely there to distract you from the real clue? Remember, in Impossible ... Continue Reading

Is There a Doctor in the House? - Impossible Clue #2

One picture of a beating heart and you guys are all over it. Way too easy. And I thought Clue #1 was impossible? LifeWay's VBS team will need to dig a little deeper if we think we can fool the readers of this blog. You really know how to jump to the heart of the matter. (Possible pun intended.) Of course, maybe we have dug a little deeper and the clue is more impossible than it may seem at first glance. Impossible Clue #2 is sure to shed a little more light on the subject and take you to a ... Continue Reading

Drum Roll Please - Impossible Clue #1

And now, the news we have all been anxiously waiting for --- LIFEWAY'S VBS 2016 THEME IS... Did you really think I was going to just tell you the theme? No way! If you want to know the theme for VBS 2016 you must work for it. And by work I mean utilize your investigative skills to unscramble four amazing  Impossible Clues. A new clue will be revealed here each day through Saturday, so don't miss a day or a clue. Finally, the biggest reveal of all - the answers to the Impossible Clues, as ... Continue Reading

Advice From the Experts - Snacks

The best VBS leaders are learners, and the best learners enjoy sharing with others what they have learned through trial and error. Following are words of advice that have been collected through the years from great leader-learners just like you. Serve snacks outdoors for easier clean up. Provide alternative snacks for kids with allergies or medical conditions. Serve pre-packaged snacks that can be easily donated by church members. When serving snow cones place the ice in a cup instead ... Continue Reading



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VBS Spotlight: Leadvale Baptist Church


As summer nears, we're getting so excited about highlighting your VBS experiences that we couldn't help but go ahead and share one! Leadvale Missionary Baptist Church, in White Pine, TN, near my hometown of Morristown, TN, always creates amazing VBS sets, and then shares them around the entire community, including the country church where my dad is a pastor. This is a wonderful mission of the church. This year, they pulled out all the stops in time for associational training and I thought ... Continue Reading

More Dramatic Facts from Journey Off the Map Worship Rally Drama


VBSDramaticFact #91 The diver-cameramen kept a close eye on Julian and Cy's feet as they entered the ocean. Their wardrobe had duplicates...except for the shoes.     VBSDramaticFact #99 The cliff scene in Journey Off the Map was enhanced in editing, but still required actors and crew to face their fear of heights.   VBSDramaticFact #103 The valley location where much of the filming for Journey Off the Map was done should be familiar to TV and movie ... Continue Reading

How Well Do You Know Your VBS 2015 Dramatic Facts?


VBSDramaticFact #11 The opening scene of Journey Off the Map was filmed in the hallways of one of the oldest church-affliated schools in the state of Hawaii...and all the extras were real students.   VBSDramaticFact #25 No snails were harmed in the making of Journey Off the Map. The snail in the jar is actually a native fresh-water snail and was returned to water at the end of filming.   VBSDramaticFact #34 The Kato family home in Journey Off the Map is ... Continue Reading