Celebrating 90: "We Learn to Do by Doing"

With VBS 2015 LifeWay Christian Resources has been promoting and producing Vacation Bible School resources for 90 years. It all started with a visionary named Dr. Homer Grice who came to "The Board" (LifeWay was formerly known as The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention) from a pastorate in Washington, Georgia in 1924. He was tasked with creating resources, training workers to use them, and helping pastors and congregations realize the evangelistic value of summer church ... Continue Reading

Advice From the Experts - Off The Map Opportunities

The best VBS leaders are learners, and the best learners enjoy sharing with others what they have learned through trial and error. Following are words of advice that have been collected through the years from great leader-learners just like you. Conduct Youth VBS at a fun location as a weekend adventure. Partner with a mission or smaller-membership congregation to help them reach their community through VBS. Conduct VBS concurrently in multiple locations such as parks, schools, and homes ... Continue Reading

Thursdays Are For Training - Scheduling Your VBS

There are basically two parts to scheduling your VBS: dates and times. Simple enough, especially if your church has scheduled VBS for the same week for decades. But, are you sure you have the right dates and times for the people you are trying to reach? It all goes back to knowing your purpose. Why are you conducting VBS? Who do you hope to reach? What do you want to be the end result of the week? Before moving to Nashville I served on staff of an inner city church. For decades VBS had ... Continue Reading

Enlisting Workers - Think Delegation

One of the most time-consuming tasks for many VBS directors is enlisting workers. Let me give you a tip – think delegation. One person enlisting every worker can be an overwhelming and joyless responsibility. One person enlisting three or four key leaders, who in turn enlist three or four workers, who in turn enlist more workers, takes tremendous pressure off the director plus insures a wide variety of people will be discovered and enlisted. No matter the size of the church it is ... Continue Reading