From the Archives: Four Reasons Why Handwork is Important to VBS

Handwork (crafts) has been a vital part of VBS since the beginning. Back in 1926, when this information was first printed, Bible schools were typically four weeks in duration and the crafts required multiple days or weeks to complete. Times have certainly changed and we now give much less time to crafts as well as VBS. Whether the craft required 10 hours back then or 20 minutes today, the reasons we include crafts remain the same. Actually, these reasons apply to recreation as well. So, the next ... Continue Reading

5 Essentials of VBS Preparation

I was recently asked how far in advance churches begin preparing for VBS. My answer: "From days to years in advance." There are VBS leaders who begin planning the next year before the current VBS has even begun. On the other end of the spectrum are VBS leaders (quiet often enlisted at the last minute) who begin preparations with just a few weeks or even days to go. I can speak from experience about both. I have been the guy who enjoyed the luxury of time, as well as the guy who had two ... Continue Reading

Advice from the Experts: Taking Your VBS to the Next Level

The best VBS leaders are learners, and the best learners enjoy sharing with others what they have learned through trial and error. Today's advice comes from Jori Abbott and Lynne Luther, co-directors, First Baptist Church, Hendersonville, Tennessee. Start planning early – December/January for a summer VBS. Set important dates and deadlines, confirm your budget, recruit workers, and pray! Cultivate relationships throughout the year with community programs that cater to children – day care ... Continue Reading

From the Archives: Is Jesus Here?

We're celebrating 90 - that's 90 years of providing the very best VBS curriculum, resources, and training - by going to the archives for ideas and advice that is just as relevant today as the day it was first printed.  "Is Jesus here?" His brown eyes were questioning and a bit puzzled as he looked at me during those first few minutes of his first day in the Primary department of Vacation Bible school. I looked into his wistful face and realized he was a lad who had not attended Sunday school. ... Continue Reading