Agency D3 Missions Update

We hope your kids enjoyed learning about Liam and his family and Mary and Abraham during their time in the Map Room at VBS. You can learn more about what Liam has been up to by clicking here.  And if you want to hear more about the work at Connexxion click here for an update. During the week of VBS we challenged kids to go out and complete their own "Special Assignment" as part of their Missions experience. We would love to hear about any reports you received from your special agents (kids) ... Continue Reading

Zip Tip: Preschool Terms

For those of you using Zip for Preschool, you will want to familiarize yourself with a few terms. So here's a short description of what we mean when we use the terms Large Group and Small Group for preschool: Large Group—all preschoolers together to hear the Bible story. The story may be shown via video or you may tell the story in a creative way to the preschoolers. Games and activities to review the Bible story and emphasize The Point for each session are included. Small Group—groups of ... Continue Reading

Now Pinning

I just love Pinterest it's the best for saving those ideas I come across and know I will want to use one day. And what better way to start saving those ideas you find now for Journey Off the Map™? Come on, you know you won't remember where you saw that great tutorial for building a treehouse or that awesome snack idea when 2015 rolls around. So you're in luck, we've got a board started for you already. We've been searching across the web for almost a year now, and we are ready to share all, ... Continue Reading

Zip Tip: Planning for Preschool

Did you know that the Zip line of curriculum includes a preschool component? Do you have preschoolers that need to be engaged during the Summer, on Wednesday night, or just about any other time? Check out Zip for Preschool. It just might be the answer to all life's problems! (well, maybe not, but it will definitely be a start) Here are a few tips to get you started on the right foot. For more details be sure to check out Zip Preschool. Determine your Target Group—how many kids will you have ... Continue Reading