The Heart of VBS—Evangelism

Back in 1996  the VBS team felt God leading them to revisit the format and principles of "doing" VBS. In 1997 the new VBS was rolled out with The Wild and Wonderful Good News Stampede. Many of you could probably sing the theme song and have fond of memories of attending or leading VBS that year, but you may not have been aware that one of the driving principles of VBS was and is evangelism. VBS is meant to be more than just a fun event for your church kids, more than just a summer diversion ... Continue Reading

From Derailed to Teachable Moment

We've all had them, those moments when some little something derails our whole lesson. We've prepared, recited in our minds how things are going to go, imagined how we'll see the "lightbulbs come on" when the kids get it, then Wham one kid derails the whole shebang. This happened to me recently. I actually even anticipated that the picture of Baby Jesus that  looked like a picture of Charlie Brown could cause problems. I decided to head things off at the pass and find a more realistic picture of ... Continue Reading

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas. . .

I polled folks in the office to find out what some of their favorite Christmas Eve traditions are. So in no particular order, here are twelve traditions from folks on the LifeWay Kids team. We play board games or card games–Erika Scrimpshire When I was a kid, we would bake Christmas cookies each afternoon during the four Sundays of Advent. We didn't get to eat any though; they went straight to the freezer! On Christmas eve, they were pulled from the freezer and we finally got to dig ... Continue Reading

On the Sixth Day of Christmas. . .

Calamity came to visit. Well, at least my house anyway. Remember back on the First Day of Christmas when Bethany said some calamitous stories? Yeah, she was foreshadowing the Sixth Day of Christmas for you. My family's holiday tradition is for someone to visit the ER. Yep, that's right it's not a holiday if the Tomlinson's or someone closely related has not been to the ER. It all started with my son's first Christmas 14 years ago and has pretty much carried on since then. So for this Sixth Day ... Continue Reading