On the Eighth Day of Christmas ...

On the eighth day of Christmas I'm thinking about traditions. Well, at least what have become traditions when Christmas is different every year. My husband is a pastor and our traditions have had to be very flexible so we could work around church events. As our kids were growing up, Christmas time also meant an eight to ten hour trip back to Tennessee to visit grandparents. We tried to “choose” our Christmas day rather than letting the calendar demand that it was December 25. Sometimes ... Continue Reading

Unpacking the New VBS 2014 Starter Kits

They are here! We are so excited about the new Kids Starter Kit (for Grades 1-6) and the new Preschool Starter Kit (Babies through Kindergarten). We’ve listened to your comments that you want “everything you need to get started” in one box, so here it is. Special packaging created just for the Starter Kits makes the VBS Director’s job super easy. Let’s unpack those kits and take a look. Inside the Preschool Starter Kit, the three age group resources have been carefully packed together and ... Continue Reading

VBS 2015 - Already?

What were you doing last week? Were you making plans for the holidays? We were working with writers and getting VBS 2015 rolling. Yes, I really mean 2015!! Long days, lots of coffee and chocolate, laughs, and some very serious hard work by God-gifted writers. For the second year in a row we have returned to the “write onsite in a week” approach. It is an intense week, but having creative folks at your elbow to bounce ideas around is a huge blessing! What now? Just like other super heroes, the ... Continue Reading

Continue the Connection in September

It’s almost the middle of September! Do you know where your kids are? Your VBS kids, that is. Kids are back from summer camps, vacations, and trips to Grandma’s house. They are back in school and into fall sports and, often, in a bit more of a routine. How can you continue the connection this month? Even in the age of text messages and emails, most kids are still excited to get something in the mail. What if each kid received a “thinking of you” or “praying for you” note from you or someone at ... Continue Reading