How much curriculum is included in Zip for Kids?

  Zip for Kids has a few suggestions for what you could do with 116 hours...  I know it's hard to believe, but housed within the four boxes that we call Zip for Kids, there are 116 hours worth of planned activities and Bible learning for kids. That's a lot of time! You have the freedom to mix and match with Zip for Kids. Pick the activities that you like, the schedule that you want, and the components that work for your kids and your event. Whatever it is you are looking for, Zip for ... Continue Reading

Zip Track of the Week: Percussion

Does your church have a live band each week that includes a drummer? Is there someone in your church who is truly gifted at percussion instruments? What a great opportunity to encourage them to build relationships with kids around common interests by teaching percussion at Zip for Kids! Percussion includes 5 days of 1 hour plans to let kids use their hands, feet, rhythm sticks, rec equipment, and more to make beats and learn about musicality. The Percussion track includes a performance aspect, ... Continue Reading

Zip Tip: Starting Well

  How can you start every day and every activity well? 1. Be extra prepared. Think through how you will check kids in, get them where they need to be, and begin. Consider adding games to the check-in process so that kids can play games while parents check them in. 2. Look at every piece of curriculum with a "fun meter." Will kids love how we kick each piece off? The beginning is pivotal to getting kids engaged with the rest of the day/the time in large group/the time in tracks/and so ... Continue Reading

Was Jesus Really God's Son?

This summer at VBS, we will work through some very difficult questions... questions that can make or break a person's faith...questions that can build a solid foundation for giving a defense for what you believe. It may scare you to death to introduce these questions to your VBS goers, but these concepts are absolutely pivotal to kids developing a faith of their own that they will carry on with them throughout their lives. 5 Reasons Your Kids Need To Answer Hard Questions: 1. Your kids may not ... Continue Reading