Zip Tip: Arrival

Looking for a fun way to give kids a camp experience from the moment they arrive? Here are a few tips to make arrival and check-in as smooth and as fun as possible: 1. Do as much before the event as possible. Pass out any release forms or other paperwork to parents before camp begins. If possible, have parents turn them in two weeks prior to the event. If not, have as many turn them in as possible and have a table setup so parents can finish paperwork when they are checking in their child. 2. ... Continue Reading

6 Ways to Build Relationships

VBS is an unbelievable opportunity for adult leaders to build discipleship relationships. There may be kids who come to VBS that you have never had in your church group before, and building relationships with those kids is of utmost importance so that they feel comfortable and want to come back and continue learning about God long after VBS. As you train your teachers and helpers, communicate the importance of connecting with kids by giving them these 6 ways to begin building ... Continue Reading

Using Zip for Kids as a Follow Up to VBS

Do you have an exit strategy for VBS this summer? How will you follow up with the kids and families who come to VBS? How will you intentionally continue the learning throughout the summer so that kids go back to school in the fall changed? This summer at VBS, we are talking about who Jesus is and why we believe that He is who He said He is. The Lord was so sweet in the way that He lead us to develop Zip for Kids. We didn’t see what He had done until after we finished producing Zip for Kids, but ... Continue Reading

Five Reasons we Decorate

Why do we spend time decorating for VBS? It takes a lot of effort and even some money to decorate. So why do we do that? Well, here are 5 reasons to decorate your space for VBS. 1. Decorations get kids excited about the week. 2. Decorations help kids feel that they have been prepared for and that the church is excited that they are there. 3. Decoration can remove distractions by creating one single environment or feel for the room. Decorations also can hide those things that kids might be drawn ... Continue Reading