Was Jesus Really God's Son?

This summer at VBS, we will work through some very difficult questions... questions that can make or break a person's faith...questions that can build a solid foundation for giving a defense for what you believe. It may scare you to death to introduce these questions to your VBS goers, but these concepts are absolutely pivotal to kids developing a faith of their own that they will carry on with them throughout their lives. 5 Reasons Your Kids Need To Answer Hard Questions: 1. Your kids may not ... Continue Reading

Where in the World is Rocket Pack Jack?

Rocket Pack Jack has been flying all over America, stopping in to see some of you guys along the way. If you haven't kept up with Rocket Pack Jack or know about his travels, check out this blog: http://blog.lifeway.com/vbs/2013/10/15/where-in-the-world-is-rocket-pack-jack/ Last week, Rocket Pack Jack was seen on location at the VBS Preview in Nashville, Tennessee. He hung out in the Creative Zone a while, and may have even snapped some photos with some of you guys who were here. Comment to ... Continue Reading

Reset Friday

As you reset for another year and wind down after all the holiday crazy of planning meals, gifts, and decorating, I hope you have a chance to sit back with a cup of coffee and your Bible and just rest in Him. I pray that you get a little bit of silence in your day today, even as you are probably back at work, back to getting kids to school and to activities, and running around handling all kinds of situations. It may be three days into the new year, but there's never a bad time to reset and ... Continue Reading

On the Ninth Day of Christmas...

On the ninth day of Christmas -------- I turn into a child. It's around this time each year that I get incredibly excited over putting the ornaments on the tree, being with family, reading the Christmas story, going to the Christmas Eve service, and driving around to look at lights. I even like the fruitcake cookies that seem to show up at every Christmas church potluck. I especially love opening up my ornament from my mom for this Christmas and placing it on the tree. (Sidenote: Parents – my ... Continue Reading