Zip Tip: Training Time Management

Zip for Kids has tons of content, so how do you stay on track with timing? Here are a few tips to pass along to your leaders to help them: 1. Bible content is of utmost importance. If you are running short on time, try to still hit all of the content, even if that means that you have to cut out one of the games. 2. Wear a watch. If using tracks, use the recommended times as a guide. It may feel like you are moving quickly, but it takes a lot of movement and energy to keep kids engaged while ... Continue Reading

Zip Tip for Training Leaders: Intentionality

Some of the most valuable training I ever received when I worked with CentriKid Camps was through scenarios. Equipped with my Bible and the hopes of being to think on my feet, another leader would draw a scenario out of a hat and act it out while I attempted to respond appropriately. Sometimes, the scenarios were set up to be during a response time after worship and sometimes they were meant to be other times during the day. All of these teach intentionality. Here are a few to use in your ... Continue Reading

Zip Tip: 5 Ways to Keep Kids Excited

1. Be excited! Kids will take on your excitement level, but normally only at about half. This means that you will have to be over-the-top in your communication of excitement over what you are teaching or doing. Seek to have energy in your voice and in your body language. If you are doing an activity, play along and enjoy it! 2. Ask questions. Interact with kids throughout the day, not just during activities. Ask them how they would feel if they were present in the Bible story or how they can ... Continue Reading

6 Ways to Make Transitions Meaningful

VBS is full of transitions. Kids are constantly moving from activity to activity. Don't lose that time! Train your volunteers now to make sure no moment of the day goes without intentionality! Guide leaders to use every moment that they have with kids to develop relationships and provide teachable moments, even when they are traveling from place to place. Remind teachers that this may be the only time we get to pour into a certain child, and we want to make the very best of the ... Continue Reading