VBS 2014 Theme Release: Photo Clue #3

No charades here, just a straightforward clue about LifeWay's 2014 VBS Theme.  You've had six clues so far, so I know you must be getting close to discovering what next year's theme will be! If you missed the Impossible Clue from this morning, make sure you watch it.  You don't want to miss a single thing this week. Comment with your Day 3 guess-- and of course, don't forget to register below for your chance to win! See what others are saying about LifeWay's 2014 VBS Theme on ... Continue Reading

VBS 2014 Theme Release: Photo Clue #2

If you're stumped after this morning's Impossible Clue, don't worry.  I shouldn't even post this photo clue because it practically gives away the 2014 theme!  I just know you're going to figure it out before we even make it to June 3rd.  (You've got an alarm set so that you don't forget about the official reveal at 1PM CST, right?  Two alarms?  Three?  You won't want to miss it!) Shhh...please don't tell Jerry I made this so easy on you!   And don't forget to register your guess for your ... Continue Reading

VBS 2014 Theme Release - Photo Clue #1

After that Impossible Clue this morning, you've totally got the VBS 2014 Theme figured out, right?  If not, we're sure this will help you figure it out! Each day between now and June 3rd, we'll release a photo clue at 2 PM CST right here on the blog and on our Facebook page. If you missed the first Impossible Clue, be sure to go back and watch it! Don't forget that we reveal the 2014 theme on Monday, June 3 at 1 PM CST. ... Continue Reading

Endless VBS Promotion, Decorating and Snack Ideas!

If there's one thing we know you're doing right now, it's looking for inspiration!  VBS is seriously just around the corner.  We're really excited about all the great sharing and conversations going on on our Facebook wall, but we know VBSers are active on Pinterest, too! We're doing our best to find what you're pinning and pin it to our board so that our followers can see what you're up to.  Be sure to check out the TONS of ideas VBSers have posted online! Tip: Don't see what you're looking ... Continue Reading