On the Fourth Day of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas, I'm sharing a really great Pecan Brittle recipe from my cousin in Wyoming! It's really more like Pecan Toffee. Folks here at our LifeWay Kids Department "Grazing Day" ate it up! (Grazing day is an annual Christmas event—we bring in our favorite Christmas goodies and share the love of good friends and good food all day long, "grazing all the day!")   Here's the Pecan Brittle/Toffee recipe: Ingredients: 2 cups butter 2 cups white sugar 1/2 cup lite corn ... Continue Reading

New Testaments - Life after VBS!

Hey guys. After loading the 25 boxes of VBS New Testaments into the trunk of this lady's car, I asked, "So what are you going to do with all these New Testaments?" "We put them in treat bags at our church's Fall Festival!" she said brightly. "We invite lots of folks from the community. Many don't attend church, so it's a great way to introduce kids and their parents to the Word of God!" She went on to explain how excited she was about the activity pages and 30 days of devotionals included in ... Continue Reading

Naming VBS 2014

Naming VBS 2014. Here's how it went down: 1. Prayer - here's a quote from a guy named unknown - “Prayer does not enable us to do the greater works, prayer IS the greater works.” We pray a lot. 2. Ideation - folks from all over the country gathered at LifeWay to "ideate" VBS themes. Three ideas rose to the top. 3. Splitting into three teams, we hammered out the details—proposing titles, biblical content, rotation site/names, activities, snacks, decorations, etc... 4. Each team did a ... Continue Reading