The Pastor and the Paint Brush


VBS is goin’ BIG in TEXAS! Children’s Minister, Brenda Bourgeois, at Redbud Baptist Church in Lubbock TX has put together an impressive team of people including Pastor Shon Wagner, Youth Minister James Taylor, and Deacon Terry Love. While building sets, James recalls Pastor Wagner with his sleeves rolled up, paint brush in hand—servant leadership for sure! More than 26 Redbud Baptist staff, deacons and church folks from a variety of professional backgrounds (including retired folks!) volunteered ... Continue Reading

Journey Off the Map Brings the Unexpected

"There's blue moss on my leader guide!" "I've never seen a lady bug that color before!" "There ain't any bugs like around where I live!" Why you might ask? Because we're taking a Journey Off The Map for VBS 2015! In this uncharted, unexplored place, you'll hopefully see things like you've never them seen them before! We'll learn about Daniel, who was taken from his familiar home to a unfamiliar place. Yet, in this strange new land, he remained faithful to God who never changes and ... Continue Reading

5 Reasons My Pastor Loves VBS!

Hey guys. I’ve always been impressed with my pastor’s involvement in VBS, so I asked him if he would share a bit about why he, as Senior Pastor, thinks being involved in VBS is a good thing. Here’s what he said: 1. VBS gives the pastor a chance to be directly and almost exclusively engaged with the children in ways that he can’t be on Sunday morning. Reflecting on Jesus’ blessing of the children, one of the easiest ways a pastor can be like Jesus is to be involved in VBS! 2. VBS gives ... Continue Reading