In Plain Open Sight

Today our friend and VBS writer, Joey Scruggs, Pastor of Preschool Ministries, shares a Colossal story from his church's VBS at The First Family (First Baptist Church), Columbia, Tennessee. Joey will do just about anything to reach kids for Christ (as evidenced on Tacky Tourist Day!) Sometimes the best place to hide a special gift is in plain open sight. There are many times in our ministries we spend so much time recruiting and planning events that we overlook the obvious opportunities. Such ... Continue Reading

A Lesson in Trusting God

When Esther and Joy were newborns, they moved to Peru so that their parents (my niece and her husband) could serve as missionaries with the International Christian School of Lima. Today the twins are five years old! Along with their younger brothers, Josiah and Elijah, they are always on the go—attending Sunday School and church, going to preschool, learning to speak Spanish, or eating at McDonald’s! Recently, their parents had some exciting news for them! This summer, when they go back to the ... Continue Reading