Zip Tip - Add Some ZIP to your Fall Break!

by Klista Storts As school starts and the last few days of summer are quickly fading away, kids are already looking forward to Fall Break! And while you may be just now taking a deep breath from VBS, camp, and other summer activities, you know you’re going to need something to take full advantage of those few days you’re going to have with the kids in your ministry. Take a look at a recent post by Jana Magruder to learn about 3 Ways to Make Fall Break "Cool and Colorful" We’d love to hear from ... Continue Reading

Zip For Kids Snapshots

"Zip is great because it provides so many materials for each lesson. I love the themes about God’s character and how it is shown through David and Peter’s lives. Zip really helped children connect and understand the main point for each night.  I also enjoyed that every lesson ends with connecting the lesson to Christ and the Gospel. I will definitely look at using Zip again next summer.” - Brad Hamilton, Children's Minister at Ridgecrest Baptist Church Brad chose to use Zip For Kids on ... Continue Reading

Win a Rocket Pack Jack Party!

Everybody loves a good giveaway, right?? Well, this week we're giving away a Rocket Pack Jack Party! We'd like to offer an idea for your follow-up events after VBS. Here's the plan: print off personalized invitations (designed by us), pass out to all of your kids as they leave VBS on Day 5, let your Rocket Pack Jack Stand-Up help promote the event, and finally, host a family movie night with Rocket Pack Jack and the Babylon Virus! Hopefully a movie night will be attractive to all of the ... Continue Reading

We Will Sing

"We will sing, we will shout, tell the news of His salvation." (lyrics from VBS 2014 Music Book) This is exactly what First Baptist Church of Mt. Vernon, TX is doing with their time leading up to this year's VBS. They're uncovering the truth of Jesus Christ and preparing to share the evidence with their community! Each year, FBC performs a seamlessly choreographed, beautifully acted, winsome musical to go along with VBS. Laughter and warm hearts are a tradition as a packed house watches ... Continue Reading