Win a Rocket Pack Jack Party!

Everybody loves a good giveaway, right?? Well, this week we're giving away a Rocket Pack Jack Party! We'd like to offer an idea for your follow-up events after VBS. Here's the plan: print off personalized invitations (designed by us), pass out to all of your kids as they leave VBS on Day 5, let your Rocket Pack Jack Stand-Up help promote the event, and finally, host a family movie night with Rocket Pack Jack and the Babylon Virus! Hopefully a movie night will be attractive to all of the ... Continue Reading

We Will Sing

"We will sing, we will shout, tell the news of His salvation." (lyrics from VBS 2014 Music Book) This is exactly what First Baptist Church of Mt. Vernon, TX is doing with their time leading up to this year's VBS. They're uncovering the truth of Jesus Christ and preparing to share the evidence with their community! Each year, FBC performs a seamlessly choreographed, beautifully acted, winsome musical to go along with VBS. Laughter and warm hearts are a tradition as a packed house watches ... Continue Reading

Don't Let Anyone Slip Between the Cracks!

At 9-years-old, I fell in love with Jesus. I remember it vividly – After a Sunday night sermon, I rode home with a weird feeling inside of me. Thirty minutes later after a conversation with my dad, I realized that feeling was conviction and that God was pulling me to Him. I prayed with my dad, and that is the day that I was welcomed into the Kingdom. Immediately afterwards, I went out to our gym to shoot free throws. My night went on like every other night of my childhood, but my heart was ... Continue Reading

Without Love, I Am Nothing

“Holiday Bible Club” At first, I had no idea what these three words meant. Quickly, however, my mission trip coordinator explained that we were doing a “VBS of sorts” for the kids we would be serving in Soweto and Johannesburg, South Africa. Our Holiday Bible Club was limited. We took a parachute, three kick balls, and two Frisbees for rec, told a ten minute Bible story, and gave out stickers and oranges for the kids to eat as they walked back to their homes. Throughout these activities, one ... Continue Reading