VBS Geek of the Week Kimberly Watts

This week’s VBS Geek of the week is Kimberly Watts. She is from Jacksonville, Florida and attended the VBS Preview event at Ridgecrest.
  1. What is your role in VBS? VBS Director
  2. What was your “geekiest” moment? When I was recognized at the local Target by a little boy who had come to VBS, but didn’t attend our church. He recognized me as the “Kangaroo Lady”. I heard him tell his mom to look, there’s the Kangaroo Lady. I had dressed up like a kangaroo and hopped throughout VBS all week during Boomerang Express.
  3. What has been your favorite VBS theme? Hard to say as there are many that I like alot, but Ramblin Road Trip was alot of fun, had great music and a great message for the kids.
  4. You might be a VBS geek if. . . You start planning the next year’s VBS during the current year’s VBS week.
  5. What makes you keep doing VBS? The excitement it generates in myself and most importantly, the kids. To see them enthusiastically learning about God. To know that being a christian isn’t boring and dull. It’s full of excitement and fun. To see how simple it is to ask Jesus into their hearts.



VBS Geek of the Week Allison McClain

vbsgeekoftheweek1This week’s VBS Geek of the Week is Allison McClain from Southside Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. 

1.  I am the Elementary Music Rotation Leader and a singer in our VBS Band!!  We play the music live in worship rally and rotation every year.  I love teaching the kids the music and motions each year.  I am in college studying Music Education, and I am an American Sign Language interpreter.  The combination of singing, signing, and dancing is so much fun for me!

2.  My “geekiest” VBS moment was the time I told the kids why we sing “Big House” by Audio Adrenaline every year–I grew up singing it in VBS when I was a kid, and it is just so special to me!  I explained the meaning of the song and taught the kids the standard motions for “Come, and go with me, to my Father’s House!”  I was so nostalgic.  It was great.

3.  My favorite VBS theme as a little girl was Ocean Odyssey.  I was probably in preschool, but I vividly remember the decorations.  My favorite theme as an “adult” has to be Saddle Ridge Ranch.  Wearing cowgirl boots everyday was a blast, and “Tumbleweed” is a hard song to beat.

4.  You might be a VBS geek if…every VBS t-shirt you’ve ever gotten (and that’s A LOT of shirts) is safely stored in your room. ;)

5.  I do VBS every year because I know I am using my gifts for God’s glory and serving children and their families.  In just one week, children hear the life-changing message of salvation.  Some choose to become Christians in that week and then talk to church leaders about this decision, just like I did as an elementary school student.  VBS is fun, exciting, and rewarding, but the best part is seeing the way children look at you as you explain the message of a song like “I Will Trust in You.”  The way they light up as they walk into the Fellowship Hall, ready to praise God in the Worship Rally.  I hope I always have a job at Vacation Bible School.  What I see as “the little things” could ultimately have a big impact in a child’s life!

38982_1569817647419_1971106_nSaddle Ridge Ranch was the first year I was “in the band!”

IMG_1007Our band hanging out at “Colossal Coaster World!”


Teaching!  The part that I love! :)

VBS Geek of the Week Sightings

We have just finished our first preview event and it was great to see so many of you there. We even spotted some of our past VBS Geeks of the Week, and some were wearing their T-shirts! We love getting to meet you and hear all about your VBS. So, today I am going to leave you with a picture of some major VBS Geeks, part of our VBS Team! Hope you enjoy and hope to see more of you at the other VBS Preview Events!

photo 1

VBS Geek of the Week – Leigh Ann Stark

Welcome this week’s Geek of the Week, Leigh Ann Stark. She is a great friend of VBS and promotes and works with VBS through the Northwest Baptist Convention. Thanks, Leigh Ann, for all you do!
  1. What is your role in VBS? Promoter for the Northwest Baptist Convention and VBS Co-Director
  2. What was your “geekiest” moment? Arriving at a VBS training event in an RV because it was the only way to transport all the decorations!
  3. What has been your favorite VBS theme? 2005: Ramblin Road Trip: Which Way Do I Go?
  4. You might be a VBS geek if . . . you cannot comprehend why anyone would not want to be involved in VBS.
  5. What makes you keep doing VBS? Seeing what happens through VBS inspires me to do it again: kids grow spiritually, leaders develop as volunteers serve and the church experiences greater unity.

IBA Snack Team Training2.jpg






Pilots LA Thana

On the Eleventh Day of Christmas

candace-1On the eleventh day of Christmas, I decided to share with you our LifeWay Kids Christmas grazing day! Our VBS team was in charge of it this year, and we decorated our meeting room on the floor and invited everyone to bring their favorite Christmas snacks. We had Christmas movies playing, hot drinks (hot chocolate, apple cider, and tea), and food out all day so whenever anyone needed a snack or a break they could come and get it! While most of our time on our floor is spent working, we do enjoy fellowshipping with one another and celebrating anything involving food! I also have to send a shout out to our graphic designer Gordon who not only builds VBS sets, but also makes awesome Christmas trees! So, what’s your favorite Christmas snack?

photo 2

photo 22

photo 1

On the Third Day of Christmas

candace-1On the third day of Christmas I am going to talk about my favorite Christmas gift! I can only remember throwing a tantrum in a store once in my life, and it was because I fell in love with a doll and my parents would not get it for  me. I was traumatized, and my parents were just ready to get out of the store! Well, then came Christmas and what did I find under the tree? That very doll that I cried and cried over! She became my very favorite doll for many years. I loved that she looked like a real baby and she laughed when you would shake her. I named her Elizabeth because that has always been my favorite girl name. I played with her for many years. I do still have her, but she no longer laughs like she used to. That’s what happens when a toy has been loved on for so long! Here’s a picture of me and my sister on Christmas morning, me with Elizabeth and her with a monkey!



What’s your favorite Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Comment below!

VBS Geek of the Week: Dawn Tolliver


This week’s Geek of the Week is Dawn Tolliver from First Baptist Church in Galveston, TX.

1. What is your role in VBS? I was the Assistant director/3-4-5-6 grades teacher in 2013. I have been in every position possible at some point or other. I was also on the decorating committee for the “Food” sections.

2. What was your “geekiest” moment?” We went up and down the stairs shouting at the top of our lungs.. facing fear/trusting god and we won the flag for the day and there were only five of us! Then we went outside and had snow cones and everyone had blue tongues from the cotton candy flavored cones.

3. What has been your favorite VBS theme? I have to say I loved the colossal coaster world theme. My Husband and I are professional balloon decorators on the side and we loved making our very own coaster out of balloons and used the inflatable cars to  ride the ride. Our room was the best according to the kids. We may be small but we are mighty.

4. What makes you keep doing VBS? The message of VBS is what makes it worth all the “Fun” beforehand. We get to show the folks who might not come, how wonderful serving Christ is. We show the friends of our kids why Jesus is so wonderful and then we capture their imaginations and let them fly with the knowledge, that no matter how tough things may seem on the outside we are here for them and we have a safe place inside. Reaching those lost souls and reenergizing our found souls is what it is all about. And they can understand they are not alone. Jesus is Worldwide!





VBS Geek of the Week: Mary Wood

vbsgeekoftheweek1This week’s Geek of the Week is no stranger to the VBS team! For the last couple of years she has been such a great help to us in our Kissimmee, Florida, Preview Event. So, here’s Mary Wood!

1. What is your role in VBS? VBS Director

2. What was your “geekiest” moment? I have too many “geekiest” moments to count:
  • I attended 3 VBS Preview events in one year
  • I promote upcoming VBS at every event possible:  I make my Grand Prix race car to match the theme, my fall festival costume is based on the VBS theme, school chapels, etc
  • I prepare VBS materials & equip leaders to teach overseas.  I have been a part of training teams to Germany, Africa, Nepal, India, & Thailand.
  • I plan for VBS year round – there is always something to be done for VBS
  • I sing the VBS music for 3 hours straight on our 10 hour trip to VBS preview event
  • I give VBS themed items as Christmas & birthday gifts – because they are just cool!
  • Every T-shirt I own is VBS related – I counted before sending this email…20 & still counting
  • I plan lunch breaks & meetings around the VBS reveal.

3. What has been your favorite VBS theme? Each year the VBS materials seem to be better than the previous year.  I like different themes for different reasons:

  • Rambling Road Trip:  My “1st” VBS as a director.  After that week I was hooked & knew VBS was going to be a part of my life every summer.
  • Outrigger Island:  The music was fantastic & I still tear up thinking about the kids singing “The Word”
  • Boomerang Express:  I have always wanted to visit Australia & bringing the daily lessons of Paul’s life back to Jesus made great connections for the kids & adults.
  • Colossal Coaster World:  Theme parks are AMAZING!!!!  I love visiting Disney & it was great brining a theme park to my church.  I am still using the simple truth of “Facing Fears, Trusting God “as I talk to kids and adults regarding the trials of this world.
  • I love them all – VBS is the best & every theme has a special place in my heart & memories.
4. You might be a VBS geek if . . . You might be a VBS geek if…your pastor says to you, “Planning for next year?  We haven’t even had VBS this year!”  or when kids come to your office & it looks like the stage from Saddle Ridge Ranch.


5. What makes you keep doing VBS? I keep doing VBS year after year because I love seeing kids, parents, & leaders get excited about learning about God!  It is great seeing kids come back year after year and getting to see how God is working in their families.  Seeing everybody sing, dance, & learn the same Biblical truth makes me smile inside & out.  It is a true picture of the Body of Christ coming together for the purpose of children hearing about God.  Nothing beats being a part of God’s purpose & plan!  I have the best job at VBS, seeing lives – young & old – changed for eternity.

VBS 2014 Day 3: Was Jesus' Death Real?

candace-1In VBS 2014, Day 3 answers the question, “Was Jesus’ Death Real?” It is a day where kids will read the story of Jesus’ crucifixion from Mark, and will learn what happened next. There have been many theories of what happened to Jesus’ body when He was taken from the cross. Some believe that the disciples hid him away and that He didn’t really die, and others believed His body was stolen from the tomb so that we would think He rose. How do we really know what happened to Jesus’ body? We can find the answers in the Bible. Kids can know that the evidence proves that Jesus’ death was real. There were many witnesses there who could testify to that. We know that Joseph of Arimathea asked for Jesus’ body to bury, and He did just that. The body could not have been stolen because a huge stone was rolled in front of the tomb, and guards were posted outside to keep anyone from taking the body. Jesus had told His disciples He would die and that He would rise again. He knew what God’s plan for Him was.

How amazing is it that we have a heavenly Father that loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for our sins? I am also thankful that God gave us the Bible to go to when we have questions. In this day and age people are always questioning and trying to prove or disprove what they have been taught. Thankfully we know that every word in the Bible is God’s Truth, and therefore we know that Jesus really died and rose again.