How Do You Collect a VBS Offering?

We want to hear how you get your kids involved in helping to collect an offering during VBS. We know many of our own churches make the offering a competition between boys and girls or each grade to see who can bring the most. Some churches set a goal and if that offering goal is met, then the pastor or other staff member gets a pie in their face! It is also great to hear stories from churches who do not take up money as an offering, but collect school supplies, canned food, and so forth for a ... Continue Reading

VBS Geek of the Week: Patty O'Shea

1. What is your role in VBS? This year I am the VBS Director. I have been involved in VBS in some way since 1996. With the exception of 2002, I have used a week of vacation from my day-job to be at VBS since 1997. 1996: Registration/Attendance (went to work in the afternoon) 1997: Registration/Attendance & Newsletter 1998-2001: Director, Hazelwood Baptist Church 2002: Taught Director Workshops for Baltimore Baptist Association 2003-2008: Director, Hazelwood Baptist Church 2009: ... Continue Reading

VBS Geek of the Week: Traci Rogers

This week's Geek of the Week so from Amarillo, Texas. Welcome, Traci Rogers! What is your role in VBS? Children’s Minister What was your "geekiest" moment? Making the theme song into a ring tone in January What has been your favorite VBS theme? Amazon Outfitters or Outrigger Island You might be a VBS geek if . . .  you know that spray adhesive on a church night is a bad idea (even if in a closed office). What makes you keep doing VBS? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT     ... Continue Reading

Geek of the Week: Jennifer Pyne

This week's VBS Geek of the week is Jennifer Pyne and she is from Providence Baptist Church in Harrisburg, NC.  My role in VBS: Director My geekiest moment: Wow, there are so many! Dressing up in various costumes, holding a prop making sleepover at church so we could get more work done, kissing a pig... but the geekiest is probably performing the Agency D3 theme song wearing a cardboard bobble head of our pastor!  What was your favorite theme? I have enjoyed all if the themes, but Big Apple ... Continue Reading