Zip Tip- Recruiting Leaders

Recruiting leaders. It's that thing that makes your stomach churn and your jaw get tense. You want to get good, godly people to be involved in your kids' lives, but you don't want to have to twist anyone's arm to do it. Here are some tips for recruiting leaders for Zip for Kids. 1. Pray- ask God to reveal to you the people He wants involved with Zip. 2. Watch- keep your eyes peeled for the gifts and skills church members have and look for ways to include them through the tracks you choose to ... Continue Reading

Welcome, Klista Storts!

Today we're pausing to welcome a new face to our LifeWay VBS team! We're really excited to welcome Klista Storts on board. Klista has been at LifeWay for 7 years as a Kids Ministry Specialist and I've gotten to see how awesome she is at what she does! A few weeks ago we had the privilege of seeing Klista move over to the VBS team. I asked her a few questions to help us all get to know her better. Without further ado, give a round of applause for Klista! You'll be hearing some great wisdom from ... Continue Reading

A Zip Snapshot

Cornerstone Church in Cheshire CT has taken to heart one of the central goals of Zip for Kids to be completely customizable. Neisa Nuñez, who with her husband Freddy leads the Cornerstone kids ministry, started using Zip with the church's kids in April. Cornerstone was starting a mid-week program, Faith Factory Kids Club, to mirror its Faith Factory children’s church ministry, when Neisa learned about Zip. She says it has fit their need for something customizable. “We only had a window of an ... Continue Reading

Follow-up Kit Giveaway

One of the most important aspects of VBS to me is how we follow up with the new kids who come to VBS. Do they know we cared during the week? Yes. Did they have a great time? Yeah! Did they learn about Jesus. You bet! But what does that mean to them if they cease to hear from us the moment they walk out of the church doors. It's so important for kids and their families to see God's love at work in you outside of the church building. A phone call, a card, a visit on the door step. Any of these can ... Continue Reading