6 Ways to Use Backyard Kids Club This Summer

One of my favorite things about working on the VBS team is hearing about how people adjust VBS curriculum to meet the specific needs of their church and community. From different schedule combinations to innovative  solutions to decorating challenges, you guys are so creative and forward thinking! I'm always amazed by what you do. Maybe because it's already such a flexible curriculum, some of the most exciting innovations I've heard about this year come from churches using the Backyard Kids ... Continue Reading

6 Safety Tips

Part of loving kids and teaching them about the gospel is making sure they have a safe place in which to learn during Vacation Bible School. Show kids and parents that you value them and their safety by making sure that church staff and volunteers adhere to these safety tips: Screen volunteers. – Use lifeway.com/backgroundchecks to screen each volunteer, even ones who have been at your church a long time. This may offend some helpers, but encourage them to remember that this is for their ... Continue Reading

6 Truths From the Agency D3 Scriptures

There are so many wonderful truths in the Scriptures that are a part of this year’s VBS. Here are the ones that jumped out at me as I reflected on them. Jesus is God’s Son. – Matthew 3:17 – It’s true! Jesus is the Son of the God of the universe. The One who created everything. The One who sent His Son to Earth because He takes a personal interest in whether we know and love Him or not. How incredible that you and I and the kids we minister to can have a relationship with God’s Son! Seeing ... Continue Reading

Three Steps to Finding Your Serving Niche

So you keep hearing about your church's VBS and how much fun it is and how many kids it's touched, and you've been feeling God tugging on your heart to serve. Now what? When I got started with VBS, I had very little experience and I was a nervous wreck! If you're there, or know someone who's there, don't worry! You've got the calling, and that's the most important part. But how do you figure out where to serve? 1. Think about your skills. What do you do well? Get compliments on? 2. What ... Continue Reading