4 Great Things About Blank Map Markers

If you've delved into some of the fun included in the VBS 2015 Kids Field Kit, the learner piece created for each kid in your VBS, you know that one of the fun things about it is that the map/game board and map markers included will allow kids to continue to experience Journey Off the Map™ long after VBS is over. The map includes games kids can play with siblings, friends, and neighbor, all the while being reminded of what they learned at VBS, and being able to share it with others! But we ... Continue Reading

Zip for Kids Testimonial

Janetta Holmes used Zip For Kids for preschool aged kids on Wednesday nights this summer. Janetta had been using Club VBS for this purpose, but changed to Zip when Club was no longer an option LifeWay offered. In addition to the Bible content, she used the Discover It and Make It tracks with her kids. Earlier this summer, I asked her a few questions about her experience: What was your favorite thing about Zip? I like the fact that we have one Bible Verse throughout the whole 10 sessions. As a ... Continue Reading

What Are You Reading?

Something I love about working at LifeWay is the frequent emphasis on training and improving. We're often reading and studying new resources, whether for education or inspiration, that help us improve what we do. So I thought I'd take an informal poll of what the VBS team is reading right now. I'm reading the audio book of Mary Poppins Opens the Door by P.L. Travers, which is a fun step into the whimsical mind of a child, as well as some thoughts about discipline. The original Mary Poppins of ... Continue Reading

What are we reading?

I polled my teammates this week to see what they are reading. I think it's really important to keep reading and improving, no matter what discipline you're working in, and it's also important to keep refreshed and inspired through reading (especially when you love it as much as I do! I especially struggled sitting down to read non-fiction, as I love the relationships and action packed stories of fiction to keep me moving. One way I've gotten myself to read more nonfiction is to do it by audio ... Continue Reading