VBS Spotlight: Leadvale Baptist Church


As summer nears, we're getting so excited about highlighting your VBS experiences that we couldn't help but go ahead and share one! Leadvale Missionary Baptist Church, in White Pine, TN, near my hometown of Morristown, TN, always creates amazing VBS sets, and then shares them around the entire community, including the country church where my dad is a pastor. This is a wonderful mission of the church. This year, they pulled out all the stops in time for associational training and I thought ... Continue Reading

How I Fell in Love with Backyard Kids Club

Do you ever just laugh at how God works things out? Two years ago I moved to Nashville, started work on the VBS team, and started looking for a local church to attend. In my work, there was a need for someone to oversee the putting together of all the resources that feed into our Backyard Kids Club curriculum, because they come from so many different resources and arms of VBS. I started doing that job for the time being. Not to mention that it wasn't long at all after I started working ... Continue Reading

LifeWay's New Explorer Bible


 by Andrea Spikes       We have heard many of you comment wanting a full Bible, not just a New Testament, to give your VBS kids, and so it’s here! VBS has partnered with Explore The Bible™ to release the Explorer Bible. It is the first time we have published a full Bible for VBS, which is exciting news. What is even more exciting is that the Explorer Bible will continue to be sold after this summer and so can be bought to partner with your fall curriculum. This ... Continue Reading

Bug Glider Fun


What's a trip into an uncharted land without some crazy new scientific discoveries? We had some fun "discovering" some different ways to use these wacky Journey Off the Map Bug Gliders during VBS. 1. Decoration- tie them up with some fishing twine or string and the bugs could easily become a part of the decor. 2. Time Filler- Standing with your kids in a line in the hallway waiting for the crafts rotation to dismiss and let them in next? Have a bug glider race, letting two kids at a time ... Continue Reading